How to Reach Jakarta, Indonesia

The Easiest Way to Reach Jakarta


  • By Air: The Soekarno-Hatta International Airport is your most convenient way of getting into Jakarta. The airport is also perhaps Indonesia’s most important and hence while it is very well connected to all the major cities, it tends to be quite crowded. Do book your tickets well in advance.
  • By Train: If you are travelling within Indonesia, reach Jakarta through the Gambir Station which is the most important and convenient one.


One thing that you should certainly invest in while in Jakarta is a map. No! Not one of those GPS things on your mobile, you should get one of those paper maps. This will make your whole journey a lot smoother.

  • By Car: The recommended form of transport is by hired car. There are a lot of local agencies that you can choose from and you can choose to drive the car yourself (if you have an international license) or you can get a car and a driver both (which is most convenient)
  • By Taxi: You can avail taxis too and they will be very easy to find but they can be quite expensive compared to a rented car. Use them if you are in a hurry.
  • By Bus: Public Transport is not too shabby in Jakarta however, it is largely only used by locals getting to work. Nevertheless, if you want to spend less on travel and splurge on something else, it is a very good option. 

Explore the route planner online for your visit to Jakarta and create a flawless plan in few simple steps!

Modes of Transportation in Jakarta

Know about the preferred mode of transport, average time spent and average distance traveled for commute in Jakarta. The most preferred mode of transport in Jakarta is Car.

Average distance: 16.24 km Average time: 55.85 min

  • Car 37.5%
    Driving 54.38 min Walking 0.5 min Overall average time for 20 kms 54.88 min
  • Walking 17.19%
    Walking 39.82 min Motorbike 8.09 min Bus 6.36 min Driving 2.73 min Waiting 2.27 min Overall average time for 7.95 kms 59.27 min
  • Train/Metro 4.69%
    Train 60 min Walking 6.67 min Waiting 5 min Other 3.33 min Overall average time for 27.67 kms 75 min
  • Motorbike 20.31%
    Motorbike 56.38 min Walking 2 min Overall average time for 18 kms 58.38 min
  • Bus/Trolleybus 12.5%
    Bus 32.25 min Waiting 6 min Walking 5.88 min Train 1.5 min Other 1.25 min Overall average time for 10.41 kms 46.88 min
  • Bike 4.69%
    Bike 43.33 min Walking 1.67 min Overall average time for 13 kms 45 min
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