Best Things To Do in Jeju, South Korea

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  • Manjanggul Cave: South Korea's favourite natural wonder is a lava cave tube. Extremely well preserved, the cave also has the world's largest known lava column.
  • Jeju Mysterious Road: Unremarkable on the face of it, this road joins those rare few in the world where the light and the natural surroundings combine to make an optical illusion that makes it seem as if the road were sloping uphill. It's not.
  • Seongeup Folk Village: This cultural attraction is the genuine article, and no tourist trap. The feudal layout, the stone houses, and rustic populace are all as authentic a trip back into time as you'll get.
  • Trick Eye Museum: A museum dedicated entirely to optical illusions and exhibits that mess with your sense of perspective.
  • Jeju Stone Park: An incredible and unusual attraction.


  • Hallasan National Park: A mountain nearly two kilometres high, this shield volcano's five trails make it a highly popular hiking area.
  • Udo Island: Take a bus, hop a ferry and spend a day cycling around the anachronistic wonder that is Udo Island.

Below we have a list of things to do in Jeju and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Jeju getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

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Tourist Attractions in Jeju

Here is the list of things to do in Jeju and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Manjanggul Cave

    4.2 (1772 Votes)
    Manjanggul Cave

    Cave, Geological Formation

    This is no mere cave, but a lava tube, and one of South Korea's greatest natural wonders. Though over 13 km long (it is the 2nd longest lava tube in the world), only 1 kilometre of the lava tube is open for visitation. Formed only around 300,000 years ago at the most, the cave is beautifully preserved, making it of great scientific interest. It contains all the features you may expect in a norm...Read more
  2. Hallasan National Park

    4.6 (1384 Votes)
    Hallasan National Park

    National Park, View Point, Hiking Trail

    A designated UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and a World Heritage Site, the Hallasan National Park is loaded with walking trails and is home to South Korea’s highest mountain named the Shield Volcano Hallasan. With about 1800 different kinds of plants and a number of alpine animals, the park is a little gem for nature lovers. Nestled in the heart of Jeju Island, the densely wooded park with flow...Read more
  3. Udo Island

    Museum, Beach, Island, Light House

    The name 'Udo' literally means 'cow' - the locals think that the island looks like a cow lying down. 3.5 km off the coast of Jeju, the island can be reached by ferry. The island is a lava plateau. Most of the land is used to grow crops such as sweet potatoes, garlic, and peanuts. Visited by about a million people every year, its landscape is quite pretty. Its main attractions are: The Seobin B...Read more
  4. Jeju Mysterious Road

    3.7 (1783 Votes)
    Jeju Mysterious Road

    Walking Area, Road

    A short distance from the city, the 200 metre stretch of road is utterly normal looking, but for one fact. Any car left stationary on the road will start to roll uphill. The same is true for any liquids dropped on the surface. This apparently contemptuous defiance of gravity delights everyone who visits the road. Luckily, this is a mere optical illusion. The countryside around the hill rises hi...Read more
  5. Hallim Park

    4.2 (846 Votes)
    Hallim Park

    Park, View Point, Leisure

    33km west of Jeju city, and close to Hallimeup Beach, the park is one of the most popular tourist attractions on the island. It used to be barren land; they covered it with earth and over several decades, planted subtropical flora. Today, it's about 100,000 square metres in size. The park contains 9 thematic gardens and attractions. These include: Palm Tree Avenue Wild Grass and Flower Garden ...Read more
  6. Dragon Head Rock

    3.8 (1731 Votes)
    Dragon Head Rock

    Geological Formation

    To look at this rock and say it was formed by wind and wave over eons of time would be truthful. But that's not nearly as exciting as saying seeing the shape of the dragon in it its outline, and knowing the legends that speak of its creation. So many tourists have come to see it now, that there are cafes and bars and restaurants all around, making what amounts to a small hamlet. Local women can...Read more
  7. Seongeup Folk Village

    3.8 (1067 Votes)
    Seongeup Folk Village


    This folk village is no government run tourist trap. The people of the village have been living here for many generations. Their lives follow ancestral traditions. With a little help from the government, the buildings and other attractions have been preserved meticulously. As such, the look and feel of the village is feudal - very middle ages. The food is native; make sure to try the Jeju black...Read more
  8. Trick Art Museum Korea

    3.9 (1398 Votes)
    Trick Art Museum Korea


    The museum is a sister attraction to Jeju's mysterious road, in that its exhibits revolve entirely around optical illusions. It is the third such museum in South Korea. Science and special paint technology combine to bring alive pictures and paintings throughout the museum. There are five sections to the museum - trick art, digital art, object art, sculpture, and Provence art. As for examples o...Read more
  9. Hyeopjae Beach

    4.4 (882 Votes)
    Hyeopjae Beach

    Beach, Picnic Spot

    The beach is close to Hallim Park. It is long and thin - 9 kilometres in length and 20 metres in width. The beautiful white sand gets its color from the crushed seashell mixed into it. The water's cobalt blue color contrasts strikingly with the sand, and also with line of green pine trees along the beach. The water is shallow, making the beach very popular with families. Along the length of the...Read more
  10. Hamdeok Beach

    4.5 (1263 Votes)
    Hamdeok Beach

    Beach, Waterfront, Leisure

    13 kilometres east of Jeju, this shallow beach is a convenient quick getaway for the island city's locals. The water is shallow and clean and emerald-blue. Well equipped with amenities such as snack bars, shower and changing rooms, and watersport rentals; the beach also has camping ground, which is separated from the main body by a large sand dune. Kayaking is popular at the beach. The view is ...Read more
  11. Gimnyeong Maze Park

    4.1 (1217 Votes)
    Gimnyeong Maze Park

    Park, Walking Area, Leisure

    The maze, though a simple looking attraction, is quite curious in character. It was funded by Frederic H. Dustin, and American Professor at Cheju National University, a man who fell in love with the island 27 years ago. The foliage making up the maze comes from all over Asia. The shape of the maze imitates the coast of the island; inside, iconic images or replicas of landmarks of Jeju decorate ...Read more
  12. Dongmung Market

    4 (1337 Votes)
    Dongmung Market

    Street Market

    With more than 300 stalls and shops spread out over a large area, this may be Jeju's most popular traditional street market. Moved to its current location after a 1954 fire, the market kept its name and original merchandise traditions. Today, it's the best place in the city to buy fish and huge variety of other seafood, or to buy Jeju's favorite citrus - gamgyul. You can also pick up general gr...Read more
  13. Eco Land Theme Park

    4.2 (976 Votes)
    Eco Land Theme Park

    Garden, View Point, Theme Park, Picnic Spot

    This attraction is a mixed bag. At its heart is the Gotjawal forests of Jeju, only 1 kilometre square in area. The forest's image is one of uncertain mystique. Through this natural heritage runs a fleet of trains - five 19th century Baldwin steam-engine lookalikes. The train rides don't last very long, 8-12 minutes at the most. It's a charming experience but not exactly groundbreaking; locals a...Read more
  14. Jeju Folklore & Natural Museum


    The museum is standard fare for attractions of its kind. There are four main areas: The Natural History Hall: Exhibits on geology, local plants and animals, marine life. The Folklore Exhibition Hall I: The 2381 items and artefacts in this hall give you an insight into Jeju's history and ancient culture. The Folklore Exhibition Hall II: This hall follows contemporary rural traditions ...Read more
  15. Jeju Glass Castle

    3.9 (551 Votes)
    Jeju Glass Castle

    Theme Park, Castle, Entertainment

    It's not everyday that you see a theme park for glass art. The 200 pieces of art in this attraction are exhibited in two sections, one outdoors and the other indoors. Altogether they look like something out of a fairytale, but also from the future. The main attractions are: A glass Beanstalk from the Jack and the Beanstalk tale A room full of mirrors that looks like a dream Glass fishes made f...Read more