Events and Festivals in Jerez

You can attend some fabulous events and festivals in Jerez, no matter what time of the year you come here at. Some of the main celebrations are as follows.

  • Feria de Caballo de Jerez: Also known as Feria de Jerez, this festival is celebrated in April. This event is of a great interest for the international tourists as well. There are horse races and parades and the famous Flamenco dances. This festival is taken place in Parque Gonzales Hontoria.
  • Motorcycle Grand Prix: This 4-kilometer-long motorcycle and car race circuit was inaugurated in 1985. If you want to catch some adrenaline rush, you can attend the World Motorcycle Championship here that happens every year in May.
  • Fiestas de Otono: This is celebrated in the month of September to celebrate the harvesting of apples. Here, you will see the traditional trading of the first grapes and people enjoying the flamenco.

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