Best Things To Do in Jerez, Spain

  1. Museo Del Belen

    4.2 (7 Votes)
    Museo Del Belen

    Art Gallery, Museum, History Museum, Exhibition

    Another attraction throwing light on the city’s gamut of history, the Museo Del Belen is a must one every list of things to do in Jerez. You can see some life-sized themes here beautifully laid out to enlighten you about the past way of living in the region. There are structures of animals, houses and even people that give you a real feeling! The Christmas Art display here is particularly...Read more
  2. Destraperlo Cerveza Artesanal

    Food And Drinks, Brewery, Adults

    If you crave some beer amidst all the sherry and wine tastings, heading to the Destraperlo Cerveza Artesanal can be a brilliant idea. Counted as one of the best things to do in Jerez by beer lovers especially, this brewing company and brew pub is perfect to wind visit on a sunny afternoon. A visit here, will give you some great insights on the process of beer making, manufacturing and distribut...Read more
  3. Teatro Villamarta De Jerez

    Entertainment, Performance, Play, Stage Show

    Whether you are someone who loves a little acoustic drama, or drama in the real sense of theatre, the Teatro Villamarta de Jerez will entertain you well. With very comfortable seating, and rightly controlled temperatures, watching any kind of event here is a delight. The seating is strategically such that irrespective of where you sit, you are ought to have a fabulous view. This is place the ve...Read more
  4. Vina La Constancia

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    Vina La Constancia

    Food And Drinks, Winery, Vineyard, Adults

    A lovely place demonstrating Jerez’s unmissable wine and sherry culture, the Bodega Vina La Constancia is run by a family over the years. The host is absolutely delightful to converse with who will be happy to assist you with seeing around the place and more about the wines. You will get to learn a lot about things like oxidative aging and biological aging in three languages- English, Ger...Read more
  5. Zoco De Artesania De Jerez

    Art And Culture, Art Gallery

    A gorgeous place to experience the authenticity of rustic Jerez living, the Zoco de Artesania de Jerez offers a multitude of experiences. One can look forward to shopping local artefacts, tasting indigenous food, and seeing incredible artworks by local artists. It is a place that is sadly not amongst the most popular things to do in Jerez, but certainly a gem in its own right. A quaint building...Read more
  6. Bodegas Dios Baco

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    Bodegas Dios Baco

    Food And Drinks, Winery, Adults

    Located very close to the Jerez de La Frontera Train Station, Bodegas Dios Baco is another of winery in Jerez that offers some insights in the process of wine as well as sherry making. Tours in various languages, including English and Spanish take place here. These tours are usually carried out by the members of the family. The bodega is run by a small family that welcomes every guest humbly. A...Read more
  7. Los Duendes De Jerez

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    Los Duendes De Jerez

    Entertainment, Concert

    If you are looking for things to do in Jerez with kids, the Los Duendes de Jerez is what you will serve your purpose. A popular venue of several kids’ events as well as local birthday parties, this attraction features a playground and a cafeteria, perfect for both kids and adults. There  are several dramatic pictures of animals all around the place that will certainly have the childr...Read more
  8. Cortijo Fuente Rey Image

    Park, Entertainment

    Located within the vicinity of the Chachi Play Park, the Cortijo Fuente Rey is one of the least-known places to visit in Jerez, that give you a glimpse of the region's’ countryside. There is an inner circle here that sees various activities and events, including bullfighting. This circle is engulfed by some seating area and a balcony, to facilitate good viewing of events and activities he...Read more
  9. Church Of San Dionisio

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    Church Of San Dionisio

    Church, Religious Site, Architecture

    Located at a stone’s throw distance from some of the best things to see in Jerez like Casa Miguel Primo De Rivera, Antiguo Cabildo, Happy Boys Amusement Park and some of the best tapas bars in Jerez, the Church of San Dionisio can be easily incorporated in any Jerez itinerary. This is a very old church, with construction dating back to the 15th century. What will strike you at the first ...Read more
  10. Palacio De Campo Real

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    Palacio De Campo Real

    Palace, Architecture

    A popular venue of several activities and events in Jerez, the Palacio de Campo Real is tucked into the streets of the very central Calle Benavente Alto. The mansion's beautiful restorations add to the charm of the place, of which’s construction dates back to the 16th century. A solid example of neoclassical style blended with the renaissance style, this structure will especially interest...Read more
  11. Gonzalez Byass

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    Gonzalez Byass


    Gonzalez Byass is a renowned sherry winery in Spain whose origins can be traced back to somewhere around 1935. It is said to have been founded by Manuel María González Angel, joined subsequently by Robert Blake Byass, his English agent. A tour around the winery would give you the chance to explore and get to know more about the winemaking process. The guided tours are informative ...Read more
  12. Museo Arqueologico

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    Museo Arqueologico


    One of the hidden gems of Jere, the Museo Arqueologico de Jerez is one of the best places to visit if archeology interests you. Set in an eighteenth-century, Bien de Interés Cultural-declared building, this museum opened its doors to the public during the year 1935. What especially draws visitors to this museum is the Corinthian helmet which holds high archaeological significance owing t...Read more
  13. Monumento Michelin

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    Monumento Michelin Image
  14. Iglesia De San Marcos

    4.6 (61 Votes)
    Iglesia De San Marcos Image