Events and Festivals in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is the point of major celebration for Israel’s innumerable festivals. The streets, the people, the backdrop of the ancient city makes sure you have a memorable festive experience.

  • Israel festival: Held all around the country, the Israel festival celebrates performing arts with many of its days organized in Jerusalem. Expect Jazz, Theatre, Dance and Classical music performed by some of the best musicians and artists from all around Israel.
  • Festival of Lights: Held in June, the festival lights up the whole Old City and makes for a unique experience to walk through the ancient ruins and quarters.
  • Jerusalem Opera Festival: June sees the Jerusalem Opera Festival when the old city forms the stage for renowned Opera performances that echo throughout Jerusalem.
  • Jerusalem Sacred Music Festival: Held in August every year, the Sacred Music Festival offers a peaceful merging of artists from different cultures and includes international as well as local musicians. Jerusalem has a more spiritual approach to music and this is exactly what the festival stands for.
  • Hutzot Hayotzer: August celebrates local arts and folklore through its Hutzot Hayotzer festival where some of the best artists in Israel showcase their workmanship in ceramics, jewelry, weaving, metal artefacts and textiles.
  • Open Houses Festival: The festival is the highlight of October when ancient ruins, tombs, houses, synagogues, villas, churches, gardens and plazas all keep their doors open. Many tourists fly to the city for this festival to celebrate the city’s rich history, stories and architecture.
  • Christmas celebration: Held on 25th December, the Christmas celebrations include a tour of the churches in the Old City and the lights and music create a warm ambience for the season. Visit the Christmas market near the New Gate if you are in Jerusalem around December end. 

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