Best Things To Do in Jiuzhaigou, China

  1. Mounigou Valley

    Park, Valley, Nature

    Located in the westward direction, the Mounigou valley is spread over 160 square kilometres and has an average elevation of 3000 metres. A part of the Huanglong national Scenic reserve, it is now listed as world heritage site. There are two major scenic spots in the valley: Zhaga valley and Waterfall: the valley is adorned with many colourful pools and round waterfalls. The Zhaga waterfall is t...Read more
  2. Fairy Pool Scenic Area


    A renowned attraction of Jiuzhaigou, the fair pool scenic area is allocated at a distance of 40 kilometres from the main entrance of the Jiuzhaigou Valley National park. Comprising of 2000 alpine lakes and travertine pools, the lush green forests add a stunning backdrop to this area. Rare animals like pandas, Tibetan antelopes and golden monkeys roam the forest. Attractions and must-sees includ...Read more
  3. Songpan Ancient Town


    A small town in northern Sichuan province, Songpan ancient town is mainly famous as a base for exploring the nearby national park of Jiuzhaigiu and the Tibetan villages. It originally served as a military base during the Tang dynasty owing to its strategic geographical position. It is one of the most interesting historical towns in the province. The huge city gates and city walls that have been...Read more
  4. Zharu Valley

    Valley, Nature

    Experience the rustic nature and the strong cultural hold of the Tibetan rural folks in Zharu valley. They belong to the ancient Benbo religious sect and their distinct culture can be seen as you take the popular horse riding trail of the valley. Attractions include: Zharu Bridge and Zharu Monastery Priceless Mirror Cliff  Qubu Springs and Qumo Springs Guoda Village with Guoda Bridge Sika...Read more
  5. Jiuzhaigou Valley, Jiuzhaigou, Aba, China