Best Things To Do in Johannesburg, South Africa

Are you looking for what to do in Johannesburg?


The attractions in Johannesburg range from historic and cultural, and there is just something for everybody.

  • The Newtown Cultural Precinct: This consists of a building that has been upgraded and provides tourists with loads of attractions.
  • Sterkfontein Caves: They are must visit. Situated only a few miles from Johannesburg, the caves here have underground lakes. Sterkforntein is known for its paleontological sites.
  • Johannesburg Zoo: This is a very popular spot and is situated in the city. Locals visit the zoo almost on a daily basis, especially on weekends and public holidays. You pay less than $10 to get into the zoo and there are plenty of animals and birds’ species to see in the zoo.


There is lots of entertainment as well.

  • You should definitely see what you could get up to at the clubs, because if you are looking for jazz theatres, lounge bars and epic nightclubs, this is where you will find it. Jazz fans can visit Kippies located in Newtown. Nightclubs open at 11:00 pm. There is an entrance fee and although drinks can cost a bit, the partying is hard and it lasts.

Below we have a list of things to do in Johannesburg and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Johannesburg getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Johannesburg with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Johannesburg

Here is the list of things to do in Johannesburg and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Apartheid Museum

    4.5 (3222 Votes)
    Apartheid Museum

    History Museum, Specialty Museum

    The Apartheid Museum is an assortment of separate museum buildings which illustrate mutual exclusion in their purpose and exhibition. This Museum was primarily built in honour of the struggle against apartheid, besides depicting the cultural and developmental history of South Africa during the 20th century. The Museum facilitates the visitors with complete guided tour and video and audio assist...Read more
  2. Carlton Centre Observation Deck

    Landmark, Observation Deck

    From  the 50th floor of the Carlton Centre, the tallest building in Johannesberg, you can gaze down at the grand panorama of Johannesberg. The Observation deck floor has several sectons, including a shopping area. To facilitate larger conveyance during the rush hours, an underground shopping mall has been introduced along with a recreational ice skating enclosure, and the route has been co...Read more
  3. Museum Africa

    4 (3355 Votes)
    Museum Africa

    Photo Gallery, Specialty Museum

    The Museum Africa or the Africana Museum is a heritage museum and bears the historical features of the development of Johannesburg and South Africa. It’s located on the site of what used to be a fruit market. Over the decades, numerous sections illustrating the materialistic progress and culture of Johannesburg has also been introduced as newer additions. On the decline of the apartheid d...Read more
  4. The Market Theatre

    4.5 (4107 Votes)
    The Market Theatre

    Bar, Food And Drinks, Restaurant, Theatre

    The Market Theatre of Johannesburg symbolizes the great communal harmony and unity among the races during the difficult era of the apartheid. It has been awarded with the honour of the Jujamcyn Award of America owing to its immense and unparalled contribution to the creative arts, especially in the field of theatre. Over the decades of its service, the Market Theatre has been honoured with more...Read more
  5. Hector Pieterson Memorial And Museum

    Museum, Memorial

    The Hector Pieterson Memorial was built in the honour of child martyr Hector Pierterson, who was fatally shot during the revolution against the apartheid movement. The Memorial is situated in the martyr site in Orlando West where Hector was shot during the open firing by the South African police. Later, the Museum was extended to accommodate a section for the public exhibit of the revolutionary...Read more
  6. Nelson Mandela National Museum

    Specialty Museum

    The Nelson Mandela National Museum is the original residence of Nelson Mandela- the famous President of South Africa, which had been renovated and partly modified to allow for public exhibitions. The red brick house is structurally a single story house. The exterior bears numerous bullet holes and shredded walls from the bombardments during the historic freedom movement of South Africa. Among t...Read more
  7. Johannesburg Zoo

    4.2 (3035 Votes)
    Johannesburg Zoo


    The Johannesburg Zoo is a marvellous zoo and wildlife preserve, especially for endagered species. It’s governed by the Education Department of the zoo. The exclusive features of the zoo owe to the care and splendour featured through the housing and nursing of the animals, along with intensive veterinary facilities and the husbandry and enhancement of the animals. The collective count of t...Read more
  8. Rooftop Market Or Rosebank Flea Market

    Food And Drinks, Flea Market, Market, Shopping Center

    The traditional Rooftop Market of Johannesburg is a very celebrated and famous metropolitan city of Johannesburg. It is also widely known as the Rosebank Flea Market. The Market features a collection of shopping malls and numerous stores of designer garments and articles. The curios are gaily decorated and luxuriously facilitated for the tourists. The restaurants and hangouts are extremely popu...Read more
  9. Mai Mai Flea Market

    Flea Market

    The Mai Mai Flea Market of Johannesburg is the ideal location for the tourists and natives of Johannesburg to sell and distribute the native products and merchandise, including second hand articles and regional craftwork and articles of various ranges of price. The area houses a stretch of maintained farms for the productive yield of plants and grains to be profitably sold as fresh vegetables o...Read more
  10. Johannesburg Art Gallery

    4.2 (2359 Votes)
    Johannesburg Art Gallery

    Art Museum, Art Gallery

    The fifteen exhibition halls here host a vast collection of classical art, chiefly from Scotland, Britain and other European countries, along with a lot of South Africa’s cultural heritage. Pablo Picasso, Auguste Rodin, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro are among the greats showcased here. The collection also includes some South African giants, namely Gerard Sekoto, A...Read more
  11. Hyundai Balloon At Montecasino

    View Point, Rides

    This giant balloon is the largest physical commercial adertisement in the world. It is tethered at a park in the Montecasino. The balloon is used both for exhibition purposes as well as for luxury trips and selected corporate venues. The view from the riding deck of the balloon provides a panoramic view of entire Johannesburg, along with exceptional views of the provinces of Magaliesburg, Sandt...Read more
  12. Blyde River Canyon

    Outdoors, Adventure, Canyon, Nature

    The stunning formation, consisting mainly of red sandstone, is one of the largest canyons in the world and as such is one of the palnet’s natural wonders. The Canyon has numerous gorges and natural cliffs formed by precipitation, some of which are exceptionally deep. The most well known zone of the Canyon is the three huge rocks known as the Three Rondavels. The grounds and area arou...Read more
  13. Sterkfontein Caves

    4.6 (606 Votes)
    Sterkfontein Caves

    Cave, Historical Site, Archaeological Site

    The Caves of Sterkfontein are naturally formed of limestone and are of great interest to archaeologists; preshistoric remains of Australopithecus and Homo sapiens have been found here. It is renowned as a World Heritage Site. The early excavations date back to the 1930s which yielded the discovery of the skull and other remains of an Australopithecus member. The World War II caused a long inter...Read more
  14. De Wildt Cheetah And Wildlife Centre

    Wildlife Sanctuary , Nature

    Cheetahs are endangered. They are bred here in secured perimetres and protected from man and other wildlife. Besides cheetah’s wild dogs, brown hyenas and vultures are also exhibited here. Once the breeding is done, the newborn are nurtured almost to adulthood before being released back into their natural habitats. The De Wildt Centre has also been a very important centre for research and...Read more
  15. Gold Reef City

    4.5 (784 Votes)
    Gold Reef City

    Amusement Park, Theme Park, Entertainment, Rides

    The Gold Reef City of Johannesburg is a large centre for urban recreation and amusement, and its name owes to its location venue around the gold mines of Witwatersrand, which was the site of a huge gold rush once upon a time. The Reef City derives it central theme from that very era. Everything is fashined after the traditions of the 1880’s, from the buildings to the attire of the park ho...Read more

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