Best Time To Visit Jukkasjarvi

Best Time To Go To Jukkasjarvi

Jukkasjärvi is located in Kiruna Municipality in Sweden. So, it experiences a similar kind of climate like that of Kiruna, that is a subarctic climate with long winters and short summers.  Learn about the climate before you decide as to when is the best time to visit Jukkasjarvi.

  • Summer (late May to early September): As mentioned before, summer stays for a very short period of time in Jukkasjärvi. The days becomes warmer with constant sunshine for 15 days, but snowfall still does happen making the weather cold and unbearable. In spite of all these drawbacks, summer turns out to be the best season to visit Jukkasjarvi.
  • Winter (late September to early May): Winters are long with no sunshine, especially from 11th December to 1st January. The only daylight you receive in this season is during twilight hours. Hence, discovering Jukkasjärvi in this season won’t be a suitable idea, especially if you are visiting the town for the first time.

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