Muzeum Im. A. Klosinskiego

  • Address: Rynek 16, 32-650, Kęty, Poland
  • Ticket Price: Free
  • Tags: Social, Arts, Museums

Walking through the dynamic city of Kęty, you will come across many artworks. From sculptures to wall art, the streets are vibrant with stories told by budding as well as professional artists. Muzeum Im. A. Klosinskiego is one such piece of art. A masterpiece of sorts, this artwork adds immensely to the personality of the city. A great way to live the authentic experience of Kęty would be to tour the city for more such artworks.

Start this excursion with Muzeum Im. A. Klosinskiego. Located in the heart of the city, it is one of the offbeat activities that you can do in Kęty. This page gives you all the required details that will help you plan this tour. Starting with the address, we have an essential tool of the map too. See where the site is, its neighboring area and any tourist attractions that may be near it.

The site will, more than often be free of cost and open at all times. If you want specific details about Muzeum Im. A. Klosinskiego, refer to the description box. Along with a brief summary about the place, there is also an image that adds to your knowledge about it. The best way, however, to know more about it is to actually pay it a visit! The reviews given by people who have visited Muzeum Im. A. Klosinskiego in the past will add an element of authenticity to the site.

In case of any missing information, feel free to contribute to the page with the details!

Touring all across Kęty, means a lot of travel. And if you have your own car, you have nothing to worry about, but if commuting using public transport is part your plan, we can be of some help there too! The gas stations, as well as the transport stations that are near Muzeum Im. A. Klosinskiego are given here. Not only commute, but anything related to public services, like police stations and pharmacies can also be found here.

Accommodation options near Muzeum Im. A. Klosinskiego are many and our quick view design not only gives you a list of the suggested hotels, but also all the information that you may need to make your choice! Along with a book button, the name of the hotel, its ratings, reviews and the price can all be seen in one glance. Being within the vicinity of Muzeum Im. A. Klosinskiego, don’t be too surprised if you get a room overlooking this beautiful artwork!

In case Muzeum Im. A. Klosinskiego just falls in your way during your day tour, and you are looking for someplace to grab a bite, the restaurants near Muzeum Im. A. Klosinskiego are listed here. With and address and their distance from this site, you can either choose one that is the closest, or one that serves your favourite cuisine. The list also includes bars and international cuisine restaurants, all of which you can easily add into your itinerary, using Kęty day by day trip itinerary builder. If you are looking for more interesting things that you can do on your vacation, glance through some Kęty vacation packages for ideas!

  • Muzeum Im. A. Klosinskiego Address: Rynek 16, 32-650, Kęty, Poland
  • Muzeum Im. A. Klosinskiego Price: Free
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  • Website:
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