How to Reach Kailua-kona


  • By Air: All flights to Kailua-Kona land at Kona International Airport – KOA – serves inter-Island and International flights. Other nearest airport is at East Coast – Hilo. To get to the City, a rental car is the best option, although a bit on the expensive side! Alternatively, you can get onto Hele-On-Bus or check with the Hotel if they provide any shuttle service to and from the Airport.
  • By Ship: You can arrive at this heavenly Island through Cruises as well – Pride of America is one of the operators that have a stop-over at Kailua-Kona.


  • Hele-on-Bus: Literally translated as “Ready-to-go” Bus, it is a good option to choose if you have ample time on hand and/or are on a budget - $2 per ride. Also a good option if you would like to get a taste of how locals travel around the Town. Check the website for information on Schedules as the main idea behind Hele-On Bus was to make commuting easier for the locals – not meant for tourists primarily!
  • Shared Taxi: If travelling on a local bus is not your thing, opt for a Shared taxi. For a ticket of $2, you may travel anywhere in the 9 mile radius. Taxi coupons needs to be pre-ordered in the multiples of 5 (5, 10 or 15 coupons). Limited to travel in Hilo and Kona areas only.
  • Rent a Car: A bit expensive but the best bet if you would like to explore the Island at your own pace and not miss out on any of the wonderful attractions in Kona.