15 Best Things To Do in Kaiserslautern, Germany

In southwest Germany, Kaiserslautern is a grand city on the lush slopes of the Palatinate Forest. This scene had been a regal bequest since the times of Charlemagne, gaining in popularity over the years. From themed parks to beautiful gardens, this city has much to offer. Ideal for a solo-backpacking trip or a family trip, this city caters to the likes of one and all. So, get packing and remember to see this checklist of the 15 best places to visit in Kaiserslautern.

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Let's explore Kaiserslautern points of interest and 15 best things to do in Kaiserslautern:

1. Find exotic animals in Wildpark Betzenberg

Located on a hill on the outskirts of a city, Betzenberg is a wild park established in 1970. Head here for a beautiful walk through the park with wild animals such as aurochs, mouflons, lynxes, wild boars, owls and red deer. A great place for photography, the animals come right to you at the many benches that have been kept in the park. The reserve is over 25-hectares with a huge cover of 125-year-old oaks, that provide a great relief to tourists from their usual city life.

2. Walk among dinosaurs in Gartenschau

With life-size models of well-known dinosaurs, Gartenschau is a favorite among kids and adults alike. This garden is filled with refreshing bushes of vivid and colorful flowers over a wide coverage of willow trees, it provides the perfect backdrop for a photo shoot. Other attractions here include a miniature golf course, a cactus garden and a beautiful church as well. Another plus for child visitors is a Lego exhibition, right next to their recreational center. Head there with a picnic to get the best of the place!

3. Click a selie in Stiftskirche

A church that functions well to this day, Stiftskirche is a famous must-visit in Kaiserlauten. The history tracing back to the 800, claims that the church has stood tall for over 1200 years. The structure is huge, gothic with artistic impressions all around the massive doors. The interiors almost kept simple have a charm that present-day churches strive to replicate. One of the most sought-after photography locations, this church should definitely be on your list. 

4. Walk up to the ruins of Burg Hohenecken

Located very close to the central city right behind a beautiful hotel, the ruins of the castle Hohenecken stand tall. If you are looking for a good exercise while seeing one of the ancient sites in the city, these palace ruins are ideal. With a well-equipped playground for the children nearby, it can be a family event. The view from the ruins that overlooks the city is quite spectacular. Go close to the sunset and enjoy the view over the Kaiserslautern skyline. 

5. Get a bird’s eye view of the city at Humberg Tower

A hiker’s paradise and a short walk up, the Humberg tower offers one of the best views of the city. A beautiful walk through the forest to get to the base of the tower, take a picnic with you and make it a day. The tower looks like it is right out of the Rapunzel movie which is sure to make it a big hit with kids. Built in the 19th century, it was initially constructed as an observation tower. This stone tower is also known to be a great place for wedding photoshoots.

6. Get the Japanese effect at Japanischer Garten

If you want to experience a glimpse of Japan, head to the Japanischer garden. Landscaped in 2000, this is one of the largest Japanese gardens in all of Europe. Being one of the most tranquil places in the city, the garden was built with the most authentic touch. The garden has loads of moss beds, ponds, mini waterfalls, and rock garden which directly reflect the Japanese style of landscape. Plan your visit around one of the many events/festivals that happen here such as the Hanami and Tanabata, many tea ceremonies and plenty of Japanese literature readings.

7. Get artsy at Museum Pfalzgalerie Kaiserslautern

For one of the best art collections in the city, head to the Museum Pfalzgalerie Kaiserslautern. The presentation has paintings and sculptures that have been carefully curated from the 19th to the 21st century. Go here if you also an inclination towards art as the museum also houses a good collection of graphic art creations. Catering to art lovers everywhere - from paintings and sculptures to handicrafts made with furniture, glass, porcelain and goldsmith works - this museum makes for quite the complete art installation. 

8. Walk amongst nature at Traumpfade

The name meaning – dream trail, Traumfade is a beautiful expanse of walking trails. Covering a lot of over 15km, these hiking trails are the best for new hikers as well. With plenty of signs displayed either on rocks, shields and more, the trails are easy and safe to go on. The crossings and different paths are also marked so that it is comfortable for all you take on these routes. Don’t forget to check out these two routes - Vulkanpfad (about 5 km) as it is one of the shortest, and Pyrmonter Felsensteig as it features a beautiful castle and some nice rocky gorges. 

9. Explore the landmark of Der Kaiserbrunnen

With a whimsical fountain that looks to be straight out a fairytale, Kaiserbrunnen is a bronze and sandstone sculptor at the heart of the city. At Mainzer Tor in the east of the city, head here for pictures with this design that acts as a testament to the history of the city. The symbolism of the sculpture is hidden with information from the past such as a Napoleon hat and elements of Holy Roman Emperors Frederick I and Rudolf I. There are many foundations of the city that fit into the fountain such as the city’s seal, the engine for an Opel car, and even Kaiserslautern’s heraldic animal. 

10. Sing along to a concert in Volkspark

If you are in the city during the summer, head to Volkspark for some great concerts on the bandstand here. The Palatinate craft show of 1925 inspired the building of this park. What used to be known as the Ausstellung – an exhibition hall; it was bombed during the war in 1959. The park now has beautiful lawns, sports facilities, botanical flowerbeds and a duck pond as well. There is a great weekly set-up called the Frühschoppenkonzert along with a medieval-themed market that happens in August, every alternate year.

11. Get into football spirit at FC Kaiserslautern

One for the sports lovers – Kaiserslautern has a top class club, with a 50,000 seating capacity. The hosts for five matches in the 2006 world cup, the club is a great way to spend an evening. You can even get tickets for match days which aren’t booked out in case you are looking to catch a game or two. Get some memorabilia from the club through the stadium tour, where you get to see the VIP area, the changing rooms, the dugouts, and even the press conference room. 

12. Get a hint of the medieval times at St. Martinskirche

A landmark in the city’s landscape, the St.Martinskirche is a Catholic parish church. With simple and understated decoration, the church also proves to be a great backdrop for photographs. The church has been standing tall since the 13th century where the design of the church comes through its the Medieval architecture. The church is unusual as it lacks a tower and has a small Baroque style roof instead. Behind the church is a repository that holds space for a historic gravesite from the city’s cemeteries. 

13. Explore the ancient Mikveh Jewish Ritual Bath

If you are in the mood for some mystery and intrigue, head to the Mikveh Jewish ritual bath. Something that requires a special requesting from the tourist information center, the mikveh was hidden for many years under a pavilion. Believed to be built in the 1300s, the 1995 excavations revealed this piece of Jewish heritage. It stands as evidence to the Jewish people who were residents of this city but were exiled from it in 1398. The bath is a beautiful and historic landmark which can be seen carved in the bedrock in this place. 

14. See the beauty of Kaiserpfalz und Casimirschloss mit Pfalzgrafensaal

A ruin that is in the heart of the city, Kaiserpfalz is known for its intricately designed castle walls. With extensive detailing, this former castle has a design that has inspired many architects all across the country. Explore this mysterious ruin where all the information is displayed right at its entrance. The most striking feature of these palace ruins is that they are the foot of a modern and savvy building the – the Rathaus. This provides a rustic relief in between a sea of modern buildings. 

15. Witness the exquisite St.-Martins-Platz

Located in the centre square of the old town, the St.Martins Platz is a monument that sits between a sea of chestnut trees and the Fontainebrunnen fountain. This monument, the work of a 20th-century sculptor is a combination of figures such as swans, gargoyles and the crest of a golden putto. The entrance to the old town in Medieval times, this was the area of the town where the grain would be kept. This must be on your list for a photograph showing your landmarked visit to this city. 

Spend some quality time with wild animals by visiting the popular Zoo Kaiserslautern. Explore the beauty of mother nature by going to Japanischer Garten, Relax in a luxurious spa in Monte Mare. Take a dive in history by visiting this incredible place called Burg Hohenecken. Other major attractions include Collegiate Church, The Pfalz Wald Nature Park and Planet Bowling.

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    Kaiserslautern Tourist Information

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    The Pflaz Wald Nature Park

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    Collegiate Church

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    Kulturzentrum Kammgarn Image

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    Intimate setting for an excellent concert. Seating in rows of chairs or groups of chairs. Wine and beer served. Very fun time.

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    SASA-Lounge Image

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