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Thousands of people visit the Park every year. Tours and trails allow all the sights to be enjoyed.

  • Ross Graham Lookout: This spot offers the easiest access point to the Murchison River, with a short walking trail from the car park leading you to the tranquil river’s edge.
  • Nature’s Window: This natural rock arch frames the river perfectly and is the main photograph opportunity in Kalbarri National Park. For an unforgettable gorge adventure, follow the 8km Loop Trail beginning and ending at Nature’s Window.
  • Z-bend: You must add this to your vacation itinerary planner.Thought to be the most breath-taking view in the park, the Z-Bend lookout can be reached by a 1.4km return walk from the car park. The gorge plunges 150 metres to the river below.
  • Red Bluff: Panoramic ocean views make this lookout a perfect vantage point for spotting dolphins to migrating humpback whales. At its base lies one of Kalbarri’s most popular beaches for swimming, snorkeling and fishing.
  • Pot Alley: The view south from the car park captures the rugged beauty of Kalbarri National Park’s remarkable coastline. Take the rocky path to the bottom and explore a hidden beach. Ask a local travel guide on how to get there.


Below we have a list of things to do in Kalbarri and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Kalbarri getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Kalbarri with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Kalbarri

Here is the list of things to do in Kalbarri and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Rainbow Jungle

    4.4 (416 Votes)
    Rainbow Jungle

    Outdoors, Forest, Walking Area, Food And Drinks

    An attraction as colourful as the name, the rainbow jungle is Australia’s most beautiful parrot habitat. About 350 birds and 50 species of different & colourful parrots adorn the park. There are paved pathways that take you through tropical gardens waterfalls and fountains giving a nice safari type feel to it. An in-venue highlight is the Cinema Parrotiso, an outdoor cinema that scree...Read more
  2. Kalbarri Visitor Centre

    4 (370 Votes)
    Kalbarri Visitor Centre

    Outdoors, National Park, Park

    The Kalbarri National Park is a resort town located on the west coast of Australia about 485 km North of Perth. The Park has a lot of attractions where it is possible to camp, hike or river raft and trek. The Kalbarri visitor centre located on Grey Street is where all the necessary information is provided. Since the national park has multiple points of interest and a lot to cover it is best to ...Read more
  3. Kalbarri Abseil

    5 (182 Votes)
    Kalbarri Abseil

    Outdoors, Trail, Hiking Trail, Adventure

    One of the most adventurous point in kalbarri National Park the Kalbarri Abseil is a 450 million year old Gorge. Along with trained guides you have the opportunity to trek along 12 kilometers path in the Z gorge. Also abseil on the 3 walls each with increasing heights. The first one is 4m tall, then one 20 meters and then one 35 meters. The entire journey is thrilling as you don’t just wa...Read more
  4. Red Bluff

    Outdoors, Beach, Trail, Water Body

    Visit this place only and only for its breath taking view. Red Bluff is named after the Dutch explorer William de Vlamigh who discovered it in 1697. He didn’t have an appropriate name for it and simple called it a ‘Red bluff. Since then name stuck, but the place however is more than 400 million year old. It’s a 100 meter steep cliff which extends for about 13 kilometres throug...Read more
  5. Pink Lake

    View Point, Walking Area, Lake, Nature

    The Hutt Lagoon which falls on the road between Northampton and Kalbarri is also known as Pink Lake. Quite apt to its name the water there is indeed as pink. The phenomenon happens when a certain type of algae ‘Dunaliella Salina’ bloom and secretes beta carotene which is a food colouring agent. The entire salt lake is about 14kms long and 2kms wide. At dusk the lake and the surround...Read more
  6. Chinaman's Beach

    Outdoors, Beach, Walking Area, Water Sport

    This is a nice little beach near the Red bluff Road which is worth a quick stop. The Kalbarri beach also known as Chinaman’s beach has clean azure waters with calm waves that allow you to swim as well as witness the underwater life near the reef. The sand is clean, soft and white and you can even watch the dolphins and whales form the shore if you’re lucky. The beach also has shower...Read more
  7. Kalbarri Sandboarding

    Outdoors, Entertainment, Adventure, Sand Dunes

    Worth every penny, kalbarri sand boarding gives you a thrilling experience of riding the kalbarri dunes. Sand boarding is open all days to week to everyone both young and old alike. There are two sand boarding activities the first one relatively simple and can be tried by everyone. The second one known as ‘To The MAX’ is for advanced since the climb is tall but is also rewarding onc...Read more
  8. Big River Ranch Resort

    Outdoors, Entertainment, Adventure, Nature

    Prepare yourself for a fun filled journey through the forest ground running adjacent to Murchison River and much more by riding a horse. The ranch has a lot of horses and ponies that will suit just about anyone and everyone both experienced and inexperienced alike. Ride on the horses like a cowboy alongside jumping kangaroos, chirping birds, a vast field of flowers and rocks. There are also acc...Read more
  9. Port Gregory Beach

    Outdoors, Beach, Waterfront, Water Sport

    This is a simple little beach near the Hutt River adjacent to the village of Port Gregory. The water and sky are azure, almost merging in the horizons, the sand is white and soft. The beach is open to a lot of activities like swimming, snorkelling, reef diving, boating, sand boarding, fishing and camping. The beach is equipped with shower and toilet facilities. It is a nice place to enjoy with ...Read more
  10. Hutt River Province

    Town, Heritage Building

    The province is the second largest country in Australia and is actually an Independent Sovereign State which is about 75 square kilometres in size. It seceded from Australia on 21st April 1970. The places of interest to see in here are the administrative offices, tea rooms and an Arcade housing the memorabilia department and historical society. The Nain, site has a lot of facilities for accommo...Read more
  11. Kalbarri Airport Image
    Kalbarri Airport is an airport located in Kalbarri, Western Australia. It is owned and operated by the Shire of Northampton. The airport is located approximately 5 km from the town centre and is used mainly for general aviation.The airport was first established in the late 1950s as a grass strip. In the early 1960s, the airport was upgraded to a sealed runway and a terminal building was constru...Read more
  12. Kalbarri National Park
    Here you can hike and canoe in a red rock gorge, and see views from the famed NatureÃĢ€™s Window, through an ideally created frame of red rock. There are also many birds and nocturnal mammals that reside in the park.
  13. Cinema Parrotiso
    A modern outdoor cinema, screening the latest films; it has a snack bar and wood pizza oven
  14. Gilgai Tavern Image

    Bar, Pubs, Adults

    The Gilgai tavern is a little weird looking from the outside and doesn’t look too inviting, but as soon as you open the door, you would be completely astonished. The décor is superb, with a pool table, really good pub food. The meals at Gilgai tavern are of great standard. The pub is an avid choice amongst the locals which is always a good sign. The prices are reasonable, the servi...Read more
  15. Black Rock Cafe


    Do you love hanging out with your friend's group? Obviously, teenagers often like the same and if you are among those then you can now plan your trip to Australia where you can enjoy the hot coffee in the cold weather only at this popular and reputed Black Rock Cafe situated in Kalbarri (Australia). It is a place where you can chill out with your friends at such an entirely unique destination a...Read more
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