Events and Festivals in Kalimpong

Kalimpong sees a lot of festivals and events due to the diversity in its population. People see and enjoy it with great enthusiasm and fanfare. Some of the many festivals that Kalimpong celebrates are as under:

  • Lepcha: It is the Bhutia New Year. Fairs and events are organized along the Teesta River.
  • Maghe Sankranti: It is also celebrated in the month of January. It marks the end of the ill omened month of Poush and doesn’t see any religious ceremonies.
  • Holi: In February the colorful festival of Holi is celebrated where people smear color on each other.
  • Losar: It is a three day festival to celebrate the Tibetan New Year. Monasteries are decked up to mark this festival.
  • Dashain or Durga Puja: It is a famous festival of the Nepalese which is celebrated in a course of 15 days. It is celebrated in the month of September-October.
  • Diwali: This one is a highly revered festival throughout the country. It is celebrated with lighting the lamps and diyas. It is celebrated in the months of October-November.

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