Events and Festivals in Kanazawa-shi

Kanazawa celebrates many festivals throughout the year.

  • April: In order to mark the arrival of the spring season and to celebrate the cherry blossoms, Cherry Blossom Viewing event is organised in April.
  • June: In order to pay respect to the feudal lord Lord Maeda, Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Festival, an annual festival is organised by the people of Kanazawa in June.
  • October-November: In order to celebrate the arrival of autumn, Viewing of autumn foliage event is organised in the month of October and November.
  • January: In order to make the most out of the new year, a major event is organised in Kanazawa. Many trained people showcase their firefighting skills during this event.
  • February: In order to wish for good health and fortune, Setsubun Festival  is organised every year in February and people worship at the Utasu Shrine by throwing roasted beans.

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