How to Reach Kanazawa-shi


  • By Air: The nearest airport is in the city of Komatsu and it is well connected to other cities in Japan like Tokyo, Kyoto and Okinawa. Weekly there are flights from Shanghai and Seoul that land on the Komatsu airport. Once you reach Komatsu, you can either rent a car or board a bus/ train for your further trip to Kanazawa.
  • By Train: Travelling by train is another alternative option, when in Japan. This is also the most convenient option as the trains are no less than the flights. The Kanazawa railway station is well connected to the main parts of Japan such as Tokyo and Kyoto.
  • By Road: Kanazawa is well connected by road and you can take this option as well in order to get in the city. You can either board a bus or hire a taxi. But it’s advisable to go with the bus option as it is relatively cheap.


  • By Bus: The city has a decent bus system and all the major attractions are in close proximity and have  bus stops. So, if you don’t want to shed a few pennies by renting a taxi or a few kilos by walking, bus is a good option.
  • By Bicycle or On Foot: Well, this is the healthiest option. Majority of attractions in Kanazawa are in close proximity and hence it can be covered by bicycle or on foot.
  • By Car: This is the costliest alternative. Rent a car and explore the city in a perfect manner. There are many car rental companies operating in Kanazawa.
Route Distance Time
Nanto to Kanazawa-shi 24.39 km 24 mins
Takaoka to Kanazawa-shi 43.93 km 43 mins
Hida to Kanazawa-shi 64.42 km 1 hour 4 mins
Gifu to Kanazawa-shi 92.9 km 1 hour 32 mins
Nagoya-shi to Kanazawa-shi 115.27 km 1 hour 55 mins
Osaka-shi to Kanazawa-shi 197.02 km 3 hours 17 mins
Kobe to Kanazawa-shi 227.05 km 3 hours 47 mins
Himeji to Kanazawa-shi 257.69 km 4 hours 17 mins