Events and Festivals in Kandy

Stick around Kandy for the Masquerade Annual Event held at the Playboy Mansion in February. You should also make sure to stick around for Kandy Halloween. This is a sound and sight experience that should not be missed!

  • Kandyan dancing:  This is what Sri Lanka is known for around the world. The dancers wear their traditional glttering costume and perform some of the best dancing moves. You have to train for many years for you to become perfect.
  • Annual Grand Festival:  tourists and locals come to witness this great event every year. It is the Perahera that fascinates them the most. The annual grand festival is 235years old now and they carry out specific rituals before and after the Perahera procession.

The cost of living is generally cheap in Sri Lanka, and if you are on a budget, it’s one of the best places to spend your holiday.

The best tours and activities in the city, guided by experts to give you a local insight to the best of Kandy