Events and Festivals in Kanyakumari

The popular Cape Festival of Kanyakumari is a three day long culture, music and dance celebration, taking place in the month of October.

Chitra Pournami is observed on the day of Chitra Poornima, in April or May. A full moon day that honours the birth of Chitra Gupta, the holy karmic ‘accountant’, who tallies good and bad deeds, that will be rewarded or punished in the afterlife. The prayers and rituals done on the day are dedicated to Lord Chitra Gupta, as a ‘request’ for help to maximise good karma.

This small and quiet tourist town does not have much nightlife, except during festivals when celebrations may go on late. On a full moon night, such as Chitra Poornima, it is suggested that you go down to the sea and view the spectacular horizon as the sun sets and the moon rises simultaneously.

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