How to Reach Kaohsiung

As Kaohsiung is one of the major cities in Taiwan, you will find different options to reach Kaohsiung according to your budget and timings.


  • By Plane: Kaohsiung International Airport, one of the major airports in Taiwan, is located near the center of Kaohsiung. Taking a direct flight is the best way to reach Kaohsiung. Most of Asia is connected with daily international flights to Kaohsiung. But, as the runways are smaller as compared to other international airports, it does not cater to larger aircraft. Alternatively, you can take a flight to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and go to Kaohsiung by high-speed rail that takes around 2 hours to reach.
  • By Train: The city of Kaohsiung is well-connected with the rest of Taiwan by Taiwan High-Speed Rail line (HSR). The only thing to keep in mind is that the train terminal is located in Zuoying and is around half an hour from the city center. You will have to take a taxi from Zuoying terminal to go to Kaohsiung. All the stations, platforms, and trains are wheelchair-friendly.
  • By Bus: There are several private bus companies that connect Kaohsiung with different parts of the island. If you are arriving at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, then you will have to go to Taiwan train station area where most of the major bus companies have their offices. These buses have reclining seats and take around 4 to 5 hours to reach Kaohsiung.
  • By Boat: As Kaohsiung is a major port city in Taiwan, you can opt for a ferry or boat to reach Kaohsiung. Though the options are limited, many people travel from Taiwan to Kaohsiung by boat. It usually takes around 4 hours to cover this distance, but weather conditions may delay the journey.


  • By Metro: Kaohsiung MRT is the main and most convenient way to explore Kaohsiung. It has a red line that connects north to south and an orange line that covers the areas from Kaohsiung Port to eastern suburbs. These metros run from dawn to midnight and are considered to be the best way to move around Kaohsiung.
  • By Bus: You can travel in and around the city easily as the network of public buses is great. All the city bus lines and metro line are inter-connected giving you a hassle-free transportation in Kaohsiung. Every bus station has well-marked routes and buses have signs in the English language.
  • By Taxi: Government-approved taxi service is fairly common in Kaohsiung. It takes lesser time than metro to cover the distance within the city and is relatively cheaper. English-speaking taxi drivers are few. But, that will not be a problem as long as you have a written address in the Chinese language.
  • By Boat: There are some parts of Kaohsiung city that are connected by waterways. Different modes of transport in Kaohsiung also include boats and ferries. You can also visit nearby islands by this ferry service.
  • By Rented scooters or Bicycles: The city is dotted with shops where scooters are rented and sold as this vehicle has become a significant mode of transport in Kaohsiung. The helmets are compulsory, and you will need an international driver license to rent a scooter. Even though some shops do not ask for any documents, it is strongly recommended to carry those with you while using a rented scooter.