Adventure Activities in Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung leaves no stone unturned to get the adrenaline rushing through those who love adventure. Along with many other activities in Kaohsiung, there are enthralling activities that will excite you. These adventure activities in Kaohsiung will leave you with a memorable experience. Choose to show off your fearless side by opting for the best of adventures in Kaohsiung. Being a true adrenaline junkie, you possibly cannot miss out these Kaohsiung adventurous activities. So, plan a trip to Kaohsiung now and be ready to experience the ultimate rush.

Let's explore these attractions for adventure activities in Kaohsiung:

  1. Shoushan National Nature Park

    National Park, Historical Site, Adventure, Adults

    Address: Gushan District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 804

    If you an adventure junkie then this is one place you definitely must not miss! Caishan Natural Park is the largest natural tourist spot in the city with numerous options of hiking, jogging and such. The place is also called as ‘monkey mountain’ for being home to a large number of monkeys that roams around. A long hike across this pa...Read more
  2. E-da Theme Park

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    E-da Theme Park

    Theme Park, Entertainment

    Address: No. 10, Section 1, Xuecheng Road, Dashu District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 840

    E- Da theme park is a unique theme park, not only in the city but in the country as well. The reason is it being heavenly influenced by Greek culture. The amusement park at the moment is one of the leading entertainment facilities with over 50 rides at its disposal. To get deeper into it- the Greek amusement park is divided into three sections: ...Read more
  3. Shoushan Guojia Natural Park Image

    Hiking Trail, Picnic Spot, Nature

    Address: Gushan District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 804

    It is a large natural park located on the shou mountain of Kaohsiung. The place is located in the southwest area of the city and best visited by a car or one’s own vehicle. People, especially photographers, often come here for its scenic surroundings and mind-boggling views. You will find a lot of monkeys here, contributing to its name- th...Read more