Kaposvar Tourism

Kaposvar is known as the ‘city of flowers’. Located in Hungary almost 190 km from the country’s capital Budapest, the city portrays a seamless melange of noveau-art, rich historic culture and a vibrant night life. Known for its pristine mediterranean weather and significant historic monuments, the 21st century Kaposvar is a walk in history by day and a party-hub by night.

Post the World Wars, Kaposvar has inherited a significant position in being known as a revolutionary city- having witnessed crucial historic moments.

For art-lovers, the city offers a dip in rich architecture and makes the city an eccentric spot for history enthusiasts.

Famous for home-growing world renowned artists and Olympians, Kaposvar is an integral part for some of the major universities in the world and is also known as the ‘National City of Sport’ in Hungary. Kaposvar tourism has bloomed in the past decade and guarantees an intimate experience with Hungarian Culture.

The city’s exuberant culture offers tourists some of the most sought out exhibitions, festivals, carnivals and art galleries while the forests, lakes, river and mountains cater to every nature-lover tourist. A Kaposvar vacation is a perfect tour combining some of the best things that Hungary has to offer.

Animal lovers can appreciate the magnificent wildlife Kaposvar has to offer at their well-maintained zoos and sanctuary. The city is also known for its agricultural advancements.

Plan a trip to Kaposvar to experience the best things to do in Kaposvar.

Essential travel information and Kaposvar tips for your visit

Travel Tips

  • Do add Kapofest to you Kaposvar travel itineries as the fest is one of a kind.
  • When in Kaposvar, you must try the chicken paprika at Turul. The poppy seed roll is considered  a must try and is available in many shops and restaurants.
  • Always shake hands while greeting someone. It is considered impolite without greeting people in the room and leaving a room without saying ‘goodbye’.
  • Greeting by kissing both cheeks is considered warm and friendly.
  • Carry flowers (except for lilies, chrysanthemums and roses) when invited for a lunch, dinner or a general party.
  • You can carry chocolates or a bottle of any alcoholic beverage when visiting someone who has invited you for dinner or a party.
  • Sometimes it is customary to remove your ‘outdoor’ shoes.
  • Arrive right on time when invited. The Hungarians in general say grace before their meals and as a guest you should be present.
  • Don’t sip on your drink as soon as it is served. Wait for the host to make a toast.
  • Don’t start eating your meal before your host. This is considered greedy.
  • An empty glass is always refilled. If you don’t want to drink more, leave your glass half full.

Kaposvar Trip Planner

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