How to Reach Kaposvar


  • By Air: Hungary is well connected by air. The Balaton Airport is closest to Kaposvar (less than 90 km). The Budapest Airport is well connected to all the major cities in USA and Europe and is more preferred for air travel. Taxis are easily available at all airports.
  • By Train: Hungary is well connected to Europe via rail. The euro rails are known for being the preferred mode of transportation in Europe. Visitors from London often prefer rails. The euro-train is considered one of the most economical and safe ways to travel to Hungary.
  • By Boat: Ferries are available from London, East Anglia, North England and Scotland to Budapest.
  • By Taxi: Taxis are easily available for travel within the city although inter-city taxis can be booked.
  • By Car: You can enter Hungary through 60 border ways with an international driving license.
  • By Bus: Hungary is well connected by busses and connectivity to and from Budapest is well planned.


Kaposvar maps are accurate and are every traveller’s friend while exploring the city. You can explore the city by using various means.

  • By Tram: Tram is considered the safest way to travel in Hungary.
  • By Bus: City travel by bus is easy and cheap with good frequency.
  • By Train: The Kaposvar Train Station is well connected for inter as well as intra-city travel.
  • By Car: Rentals are available for tourists having international driver’s license, identity and insurance documents.
  • By Taxi: Taxis are easily available and are often preferred by tourists for getting around the city.
  • By Bicycle: Majority of tourists prefer bicycling around the city to enjoy the beautiful weather and explore its iconic monuments. Some hotels offer free bicycles to their guest. Kaposvar is best experienced by foot or by bicycling.
Route Distance Time
Tamási to Kaposvar 60.62 km 1 hour
Mosonmagyaróvár to Kaposvar 170.13 km 2 hours 50 mins
Budapest to Kaposvar 182.15 km 3 hours 2 mins
Zagreb to Kaposvar 210.17 km 3 hours 30 mins
Vienna to Kaposvar 252.54 km 4 hours 12 mins
Belgrade to Kaposvar 337.39 km 5 hours 37 mins
Krmelín to Kaposvar 358.87 km 5 hours 58 mins
Ljubljana to Kaposvar 368.02 km 6 hours 8 mins
Jaworzno to Kaposvar 436.23 km 7 hours 16 mins
Košice to Kaposvar 456.41 km 7 hours 36 mins