How to Reach Kargil


  • By Road : Kargil is landlocked and hence, the only way to reach the town is by roads. You can either hop on a bus or book a private taxi. The main pass between Srinagar and Kargil is blocked by snow from November to March. However, the Kargil to Leh road is open almost throughout the year. Government buses travel between Kargil and Padum on alternate days, twice a day to Suru Valley and once a day to other places on the national highway.
  • By Air : The nearest airport is at Srinagar. From here, you have to travel by road.


  • By Bus : Busses connecting nearby towns around Kargil also make stops at Kargil market and the highway passing through Kargil.
  • By Private Taxi : Renting a private taxi for Kargil sightseeing is preferred by tourists.
  • On Foot : Kargil town is small enough to be covered on foot. To see the nearby attractions however, renting a private taxi is recommended.