15 Best Things To Do in Kavos

On the island of Corfu, Greece, there is a seaside village named Kavos. It has now become a very lively place dedicated to its tourists and young people. The central part of Kavos has a significant number of food restaurants, lodges, market, and living quarters.It is a stunning location to visit in Greece.

Here's the list of places to visit and 15 best things to do in Kavos:

1. Paxos & Antipaxos

They are the most scenic islands to visit. They have crystal clear water and superyachts. Throughout the summer there are many boat tours. You can stop at some stunning golden beaches or the three caves while entering. You can experience some spectacular scenes.

2. The Blue Lagoon

Many people consider it a heaven on earth as its water is crystal clear and blue in color. It is undoubtedly the most beautiful place on earth. It has plenty of boat trips, and you can witness some luxury speedboats. The underwater swim will take your breath away. The journey here is crazy.

3. Kavos Quad Safari

It is a thrilling off-road adventure. You can explore the countryside of Kavos while having fun on the way. It is worth your time. On the journey you can explore amazing mountains, sandy beaches while brushing up the driving skills yo have.

4. Secret Beach

It is one of the best beaches on the resort. It had its name from the zero connectivity during the 90's. Today, the commute facility has improved a lot. The best way to enjoy this beach is to walk through it. You can even walk to Kavos from here in just 25 minutes. The local people do not much explore this beach and reaching here is not very hard.

5. Kavos Aqua Park

For all the fun and challenging activities, you must visit the aqua park. It has various games and is the best fit for a family vacation. It was founded in 2017 and has been bustling since its opening. It offers a variety of games which can be equally enjoyed by adults as well as kids. If you have a hangover from last night, the best cure is too visit here and spend some time.

6. Local Cuisine- Greek Dining

Greek food combines the fresh ingredients from land and sea to create healthy mouth-watering varieties for you. You have plenty of places to dine. There are a lot of Greek restaurants in the vicinity. All you have to do is explore and decide. There is also a Kebab House, visit here for the best Kebabs of your life.

7. Tattoo Parlours

Kavos hosts some great Tattoo Parlors. The parlor owners will help you get the story for your tattoo or design them for you which you can cherish for your life. If you want the tattoo in a language other than yours, please double check before getting tattooed. You don't want to mess with words and come out with a completely different meaning for your life.

8. The Pool Party

Do you party hard? Are you a party animal? You are at the right place. Kavos has so much to offer to all the party lovers. Every resort has a party place reserved. Kavos hosts some of the craziest pool parties on the planet. You can go for body painting smurfs or bunnies or supervillains or anything you like. All you need is the creativity and you are set to go.

9. Boat Parties

If you visit Kavos and don't attend any boat party, your visit might be considered a failure. These parties are a legend. The boats get fully booked from June to August. Some reservations might go on the waiting list, as the queue is very long and people wait for many months to experience this crazy party.

10. Scuba Diving

It is the way of experiencing life. Diving deep into the sea and looking closely at the marine life is an astonishing moment where you forget the world and look through the beautiful life we have. This experience has changed lives of people before. They tend to become calmer. Diving deep feels like flying in the blue. Since Kavos has friendly waters, it is an ideal location for beginners.

11. Arkoudilas Beach and Monastery

Here comes the touch of culture. You will love the scenic beauty of a Monastery beside a beach. Get comfortable in your pants and relax. The place offers calmness, serenity and a perfect quick escape from the bustling world.

12. Excursion

It will provide you more touch of the culture of Kavos. It is less than 30 miles from Corfu Town. You will never feel yourself detached from the rich cultural values this place has to offer. Explore the vast culture of Kavos and Corfu Town and learn rich history.

13. Holi Powder Party

It is the world-famous celebration. You can dance away the night here with your partners an drink and sing. Go crazy with all your pals while blasting Holi Powder on each other. Enjoy music and dance off the night.

14. Falconera

A food lovers paradise offering varieties of Seafood, Steak and other dishes. The Greek restaurants here are prominent. You can enjoy from homemade pizzas to fresh seafood to anything you love. It has a beach where you can walk while having drinks.

15. Ice bar

Looking for a chill zone? Here you are at Ice Bar.

If you want to have a pre-drinking session, head to Ice Bar. It serves the most amazing cocktails and has a chill-out vibe. It offers peace which lets you have your space for thinking and making plans or even having the alone fun time.

Enjoy while you stay!!

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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Kavos, Greece

Must see places in Kavos ranked on popularity. Here is the complete list of best attractions in Kavos and point of interests to visit.

  1. Elli Beach Apartments And Studios

    #1 of 4 Things To Do in Kavos
    Elli Beach Apartments And Studios Image

    Address: Almiros beach-Corfu, ΑCHARAVI 491 00, Greece

  2. 490 80

    #2 of 4 Things To Do in Kavos
    490 80 Image

    Address: Corfu 490 80, Greece

  3. San Marina

    #3 of 4 Things To Do in Kavos
  4. Kavos Panorama Complex

    #4 of 4 Things To Do in Kavos
    Kavos Panorama Complex Image

    Address: Kavos Main Road, Kavos, Lefkimmi 490 80, Greece

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

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