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Places to visit in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan Overview

Looking for a place located within Asia to visit during your next vacation? Try to visit Kazakhstan. This 9th biggest country in the world is located in the Central part of Asia. This country is blessed with abundant reserves of valuable minerals along with oil that has helped the country to prosper a lot resulting in advanced economic condition. If you want to witness the immense cultural diversity and the amalgam of both the European and Asian culture, then you must visit this country of vast mountainous horizons and plains enriched with alluring culture.

When you’re visiting a particular country, to get the actual vibe and the essence of the city life and to explore the actual beauty of the country, you must do the things for which that particular country/city is famous for! Isn’t it? Otherwise, the trip remains incomplete! However, to get the best experience out of your limited vacation time you must follow this Kazakhstan travel guide.

Details about Visa Procedure

Nationals of Australia, Israel, EU states, Canada, Japan, Norway, New Zealand, South Korea along with the nationals of some other countries are allowed to get the tourist Kazakhstan visa without any LOI (letter of invitation). For further detailed information, you can check it with the nearest embassy. Usually, an extension of the visa is not allowed until and unless someone is medically unfit to travel.

Preferable Time to Visit       

Well, for the tourists, the best time to visit Kazakhstan would be May to September. The hiking season starts from July onwards. For the Naturalists the ideal time for a trip is April to June due to various migrating birds and the picturesque landscapes of hills! For the skiers, the winter season (November to April) is the best! 

Must Visit Tourist Attractions

Without a proper list of best places to visit in Kazakhstan, you cannot possibly explore the most out of your limited vacation time.

  • To witness the captivating view of contemporary architecture, breathtaking Mountain View, cool fountains and wide streets, you must visit the capital city Almaty
  • The snowy and pyramid-shaped view of Khan-Tengri Peak and the Pobeda Peak will mesmerize you

Apart from these, you can visit Astana, Aktau, Sayram etc.

Available Modes of Transportation

Wondering how to reach Kazakhstan places? Well, domestic flights are available between different cities. However, you shouldn't expect an international standard. Other than this, you can hire a taxi or a car service.

Guideline to Accommodation and Food

If you’re planning a trip to Kazakhstan you must ensure that you've booked the accommodation in advanced. Otherwise, you might face problems due to the limited source of moderate accommodation here. Although most of the hotels are well-equipped with basic facilities, you should not have a mindset similar to Western standard! To accommodate a luxurious stay there are very few 5-star hotels available in Almaty; so, advance booking is a must! Turbazas are considered as alternate options to the hotels.

Sheep's head, Kazi and chuzhuk, Shashlyk, Besbarmak, Kaurdak etc. are some special dishes of Kazakhstan that you can try. Well, visiting a “Chai-Khana” and having a cup of Kazakh tea can be included in your list of things to do in Kazakhstan.

Head out for the adventurous Kazakhstan trip with the help of this pithy journey guide and make your trip memorable.

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