Key Largo Tourism

Key Largo, is the name of both the town and the island it is on. The island is located in the upper Florida Keys. The first look into the islands might not give you an impressive view. This is because, the true beauty of the island and the city lies under the water. The beautiful sandy beaches, with coconut palms and a year around pleasant temperature, makes Key Largo an absolute place to enjoy holidays.  Individuals who love water activities like swimming, snorkeling and kayaking, for them Key Largo is a heaven. On land, Key Largo has beautiful parks, a national park and natural marine sanctuary that you will love to visit if you are traveling with kids. On shore attractions like natural trails and rehabilitation center for wild birds are also there in Key Largo to visit when you are travelling with family.  

Even if you are a solo traveler, you can just walk down the sandy beach of Key Largo; lie down for some time and watch the beautiful sunset before the dusk sets in. 

The best tours and activities in the city, guided by experts to give you a local insight to the best of Key Largo