How to Reach Key West

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  • The easiest way to get to Key West is by air; land directly at the Key West International Airport via either Miami or Atlanta. The fares tend to be quite high, so if you’re on a budget flying is probably not a feasible option.
  • Another popular way of getting to Key West is from Miami. There are busses that depart early in the morning from Miami Beach and stop at Key West. There are various other bus services that run between Miami and Key West as well, so do your research before zeroing down on one.
  • Amtrak runs as far the Fort Lauderdale Station, from where you’ll have to transfer to a shuttle service, taking you into the city.


  • As exciting as it might seem, driving around Key West is not recommended. Parking is expensive and none of the car rentals are located near the airport or stations. You’ll have to catch a shuttle to Truman Avenue.
  • Key West has well-connected bus routes with colour coded lines. You could buy a seven day pass with unlimited rides or a monthly pass depending on the duration of your stay at Key West.
  • If at all you’re keen to see Key West on a rented vehicle, you could always rent a scooter or a bicycle. Since you could park them right in front of where you want to stop, the issuing of looking for parking space is moot.
  • Taxi’s too are a popular form of public transport but they could prove to be expensive, although it’s the most convenient way of getting from point A to point B.