Events and Festivals in Khajuraho


  • Makar Sankranti: Makarsankranti is the time to forget old feuds and reconnect with forgotten friends. Sweets are shared and flying kites is a favourite way to celebrate the winter spirit.


  • Khajuraho festival of Dances: Winter fades and the naughty spring invades the area when all the population in Khajuraho waits eagerly for the festival of dances to fill the atmosphere with strong energy and colours.
  • Madai festival: Nights of merrymaking, exchanges and barter, sacrifices and returns, Madai festival is the most important festival in the calendar of the Gond tribe.


  • Bhagoriya festival: A marriage fair where a girl and guy elope after setting eyes on someone they admire. Bhagordev, the lord of dance is worshipped on this occasion. 


  • Holi: Holi signifies the triumph of positivity over negativity. It is celebrated by burning symbolic piers and cooking elaborate meals. 
  • Rangpanchami: The Maratha Holkars brought many maharashtrian traditions with them to Madhya Pradesh and Rang Panchami was one of them. It is celebrated on the fifth day after Holi.


  • Karma: Karma is a religious festival of the Korba tribe of Madhya Pradesh. A day of fasting ends with a feast, lot of dancing and bonfire. 


  • Navaratri: Nine days of Dandiya raas, days of merriment, dances and energy, this symbolizes the divine energy of the goddess. Navaratri is a favourite festival of all the youth who come out dressed up, geared to shake a leg.


  • Diwali: November is the time for the most awaited festival in India that is Diwali. It is celebrated in a traditional way in Khajuraho with a lot of foreigners joining in the festivities.


  • Christmas: Due to the enormous number of tourists, a lot of outsiders have settled in Khajuraho. Many of them celebrate the global festival of Christmas.
  • New Year’s Eve: What better place to celebrate the future than a place that symbolizes the past?

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