How to Reach Kirkenes - The Easiest Way to Reach Kirkenes


  • By Road: Long distance busses connect to most of Norway. Getting in Norway by car is also a quick and good option.
  • By Sea: Kirkenes has an unmatchable sea voyage and is the northern turnaround port. It covers almost the entire the Norwegian coast in about 5 days.
  • By Air: The Hoybuktmoen airport is just 15 kilometers outside the town.


  • By Bus: Kirkenes has local buses as well as long distance busses.The thon hotel Kirkenes and Sollia Gjestegaard provide with airport shuttle service.

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How to Reach Kirkenes from Nearby Cities

Route Distance Time
Moscow to Kirkenes 1537.34 km 25 hours 37 mins
Stockholm to Kirkenes 1696.43 km 28 hours 16 mins
Oslo to Kirkenes 2372.25 km 39 hours 32 mins
Copenhagen to Kirkenes 2421.44 km 40 hours 21 mins
Omavegen to Kirkenes 2853.85 km 47 hours 33 mins
Bergen to Kirkenes 2916.52 km 48 hours 36 mins
Søreide to Kirkenes 2923.66 km 48 hours 43 mins
Stavanger to Kirkenes 2927.19 km 48 hours 47 mins
Zeist to Kirkenes 3319.34 km 55 hours 19 mins
Zurich to Kirkenes 3345.31 km 55 hours 45 mins