15 Best Things To Do in Kiruna, Sweden

The beautiful town of Kiruna is situated in Lapland. It is the northernmost town in Sweden. It’s the one-stop destination to enjoy outdoor activities like husky tours, arctic adventure, Lapland sled dog, Taube activity, tours, sights & landmarks, boat tours & water sports, nature & parks, museums, food & drink, shopping and much more tourist attractions in Kiruna. It was founded in 1900. Kiruna is popular all over the world because of the presence of iron ore. During the first decades of Kiruna's existence, no road connected it to the outside world. The railway came to Kiruna on 15 October 1899. The completion of railway line made the tourism possible in Kiruna.

Earlier main attraction in Kiruna was rivers and the mountains. Apart from that geologists, students use to come to see the mine. In 1948, Kiruna gained city rights and started to receive large amounts of money from the mine. In summer, there is hiking in national parks and in the mountains up to Kebnekaise, walking on trails such as caving, rafting, canoeing and boat trips on lakes. In winter, the Icehotel and northern lights attract tourists.Kiruna is a treasure of natural beauty! It has got magnificent mountains, picturesque beauty and breathtaking scenic views.

Let's explore Kiruna points of interest and 15 best things to do in Kiruna:

1. Abisko National Park 

Abisko national park, Kiruna - ImageImage Source: wikimedia.org

Abisko National Park is the most visited tourist attraction point in Sweden, established in 1909. It’s the home to the majestic mountains and the beautiful abiskodalen valley with its flowering alpine meadows, picturesque rapids, and Scandinavia's largest alpine lake. During the summer you can experience light day and night and see the midnight sun. If you visit this park in winters then you will get beautiful scenery, stunning view of snow everywhere. 

2. Kiruna Church

Gothic Revival style built Kiruna Church is one of Sweden's largest wooden buildings. The construction of this church was completed in 1912 and donated by the LKAB Mining Company to the people of Kiruna. It has a lot of symbolism and beauty in its simplicity. It was voted the most beautiful public building in Sweden by the Swedish people in 2001. Wooden buildings are therefore strongly associated with Sweden's cultural.

3. Luossavaara

Visit the Luossavaara Mountain with a breathtaking view of the beautiful city and the mining mountain Kirunavaara. It’s a perfect destination for those who are looking for adventure. It has ski lift and slopes with amazing hiking path called Midnattsolstigen (the Midnight Sun Trail). People come here from all over the world just to get the best hiking experience. 

4. Lapland Wilderness Tours 

Places to visit in Kiruna  - ImageImage Source: pixabay.com

Lapland Arctic Winter has developed an exciting range of activities to suit everyone. Dog sledding is one of the most popular adventures every visitor wants to experience when in Kiruna. Lapland Wilderness Tours offer you the opportunity to drive your own sled or be driven by one of their experienced guides. Not just that they also provide with fishing trips in summer. 

5. LKAB’s Visitor Centre

LKAB’s Visitor Centre is the world’s largest underground iron-ore mine. It’s the popular tourist spot. To visit this place makes sure to book the tour in advance because of the limited places on this tour. This tour is of 2 hours and 45 minutes. Once you reach there the guide will talk about modern mining and how it can cause a whole town to be moved. Coffee and cookies will be served in the café with a warm welcome. The place is for those who wish to learn about the peculiarities of mining and wants to experience the underground world.

6. Kiruna City Hall 

Kiruna City hall - ImageImage Source: wikimedia.org

Kiruna City Hall is one of the post-war most important public buildings in Kiruna and Sweden. It was opened in 1963, located on the slope opposite the mining mountain Kirunavaara. It is also a good representative of high quality in construction, materials, and details that characterize the construction of Kiruna. On the roof of city hall is the asymmetrically placed bell tower, which is one of Kiruna's most popular landmarks. It has also received the award of Sweden's most beautiful public building.

7. Midnattssolstigen

Midnattssolstigen is also known as Midnight Sun trail. It’s one of the best spots to watch the midnight sun in Loussavarra, Kiruna. It’s a very popular hiking trail that runs from Camp Ripon over the top at Luossavaara and ends at the parking lot at Luossabacken. While exploring this place you will get information boards about mining, Sami, flora, and fauna, midnight sun, northern lights, etc.

8. White Trail Adventures

White Trail Adventures is an outdoor touring company that provides a wide range of activities. For a thrilling experience, you can book your private tour with White Trail Adventures. They plan the trip and let you explore the places less traveled. 

9. Hjalmar Lundbohmsgarden Ek Forening

Hjalmar Lundbohmsgarden Ek Forening is a popular tourist destination in Kiruna. People normally club together Kiruna Bus station and Kiruna Kyrka while planning their visit to Hjalmar Lundbohmsgarden Ek Forening. It’s a peaceful and relaxing place. Average time to visit this place is 30-35 minutes.

10. Esrange Space Center 

Esrange space center, Kiruna -  ImageImage Source: wikimedia.org

It is a rocket range and research center located in the northern part of Sweden, just outside of Kiruna. The place has been home to many rocket launches and research related to high altitude balloons, and aurora borealis. It’s a place to learn about the various aspects of astronomy and rocket science and indulge in the world of knowledge. It’s a perfect place for families. 

11. Vadvetsjakka National park

In Vadvetjåkka National Park you can hike, discover limestone caves, exciting mountain plants and much more. The view higher up from the mountain is majestic. It’s located in the west of Torneträsk at a national border of Kiruna municipality in Norrbotten County. Late summer or autumn is the best time to visit this place. 

12. Samegarden Museum

Samegarden Museum is the smallest museum you will ever come across. It’s located in the basement of namesake hotel and decked with an indispensable collection of artifacts and items of Sami times. This museum will suffice your curious mind and ignite your interest as it’s the most informative museum when it comes to the life and history of Sami people. Here you will find dusty weapons, apparels, and tools, along with a semi flag reflecting the lifestyle. 

13. Kiruna Sleddog Tours

Kiruna Sleddog Tours is an outdoor touring company.  It provides with sled-dog services with fishing and hunting trips in the wilderness.  If you wish to plan a private tour or commercial tour then it’s the perfect option for you as it’s very affordable.  Here you get the opportunity to watch the aurora lights and get details about the city and its surroundings.

 14. Ice hotel

Ice hotel is the world's first hotel made of ice and snow. The overall experience of visiting this hotel is very thrilling and exciting; it’s attracting more and more people every year. The Ice Hotel is a hotel rebuilt each year with snow and ice in the village of Jukkasjärvi, in northern Sweden, Founded in 1989, the Ice hotel features rooms entirely made out of sculptured ice from the neighboring Torne River. 

15. Riksgränsen 

Things to do in KirunaImage Source: wikipedia.org

Riksgränsen is Sweden's northernmost ski resort. It’s extremely popular because of skiing. The skiing season is from February to June. It offers plenty of opportunities for ski touring, a form of skiing that involves both cross-country and downhill on one pair of skis.

Best Time to Visit

It’s one of the coolest places. Temperatures are frigid and there is plenty of snowy Oct-Apr. For warm weather and sunshine, the best time to visit Sweden is May to September. The midnight sun can be seen from late May-mid Jul. Snöfestivalen is marked with craft fairs, concerts, and a snow-sculpting competition which takes place in January. Kirunafestivalen features live music in the month of Jun- July. Plan your trip to enjoy the most and explore everything. 

Places to Visit for Sports Fan

Kebnekaise BTK [48] is a table-tennis club located in Kiruna. It has consistently been one of Northern Sweden's most successful table-tennis clubs. The club competes in Div 1 Norra, the third tier of the Swedish table-tennis league system. BTK Practice takes place in Sporthallen, the sports center located in central Kiruna. Sports Center and Club both are worth visiting and if you get lucky, you will be able to see players practice.

Kiruna Delicacy 

Kiruna offers everything from meat, fish, and game to GI and vegetarian meals. If you prefer something a little lighter, there are also sandwiches and salads. You can get the best food in Kiruna, Sweden - Café Safari Gallerian, Kafé Rost, ICA Nära Östlunds Snabbköp, SPiS, Systembolaget, Oda Spelbutik, Rosavita Kiosken all serves amazing dishes. The trip to Kiruna isn’t completed if you don’t visit these famous food places.

The annual snow festival is another highlight that includes scooter jumping, reindeer racing, and an ice sculpture contest. Enjoy the nature, culture, and atmosphere of this mountain city and make the best travel memories.

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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Kiruna

Check out the list of top tourist attractions in Kiruna! These are some inspiring things to do in Kiruna to create a wish list of your dream destinations.

  1. #1 of 24 Things To Do in Kiruna
    - Used in 41 itineraries
    Kiruna Kyrka

    Tags: Landmark, Architecture

    Address: Finngatan 1, 981 31 Kiruna, Sweden

    Timings: 09:00 am - 05:45 pm Details

    Kiruna Kyrka is one of the most prominent landmarks of the town. The structure was built to resemble a huge Sami Goahti- a tent cot, bespeaking the history changing event of town- its movement to the ...Read more

  2. #2 of 24 Things To Do in Kiruna
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    L K A B's Visitor Centre Image

    Tags: Mine, Tour, Tourist Center

    Address: Lars Janssonsgatan 17, 981 31 Kiruna, Sweden

    Timings: 08:30 am - 05:00 pm Details

    The place is for those who wish to learn about the peculiarities of mining. LNAB’s Visitor Centre is basically the largest underground iron-ore mine in the world. You will find a bus that will t...Read more

  3. #3 of 24 Things To Do in Kiruna
    - Used in 47 itineraries
    Kiruna Stadshuset

    Tags: Monument, Hall

    Address: Hjalmar Lundbohmsvägen 31, 981 36 Kiruna, Sweden

    Timings: 07:30 am - 05:00 pm Details

    One of the important tourist attractions in the city, it is hard to say how long this place will be available for visitors. Kiruna city hall was opened in 1963 as a seat of administration of Kiruna Mu...Read more

  4. #4 of 24 Things To Do in Kiruna
    - Used in 31 itineraries
    Samegarden Museum Image

    Tags: Hotel, Museum

    Address: Brytareg. 14, 981 34 Kiruna, Sweden

    Timings: 07:00 am - 04:00 pm Details

    It is perhaps the smallest museum you will ever come across, yet the most informative one when it comes to the life and history of Sami people. Samegarden Museum is located in the basement of namesake...Read more

  5. #5 of 24 Things To Do in Kiruna
    - Used in 65 itineraries
    Esrange Space Center

    Tags: Science Museum

    Address: Esrange Space Center, 981 28 Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

    Timings: 08:00 am - 06:00 pm Details

    It is a rocket range and research centre located in the northern part of Sweden, just outside of Kiruna. The place has been home to many rocket launches and research related to high altitude balloons,...Read more

  6. #6 of 24 Things To Do in Kiruna
    - Used in 43 itineraries
    Kiruna Iron Mine

    Tags: Outdoors, Mine, Historical Site, Neighborhoods

    Address: Kiruna, Sweden

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    Kiruna Iron Mine is the world’s largest and most modern underground iron ore mine. It is owned by a large Swedish mining company called Luossavaara-Kiirunavaara AB. The iron ore site, which bega...Read more

  7. #7 of 24 Things To Do in Kiruna
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    Kiruna Sleddog Tours

    Tags: Outdoors, Sport, Safari, Entertainment

    Address: Karhuniemiv.8, Kiruna 981 34, Sweden

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    Kiruna Sleddog Tours is an outdoor touring company that provides sled-dog services, and fishing and hunting trips in the wilderness. Company tours, big groups, and tours for private small groups are p...Read more

  8. #8 of 24 Things To Do in Kiruna
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    Active Lapland

    Tags: Outdoors, Biking Trail, Tour, Adventure

    Address: Solbacksvagen 22 | Jukkasjarvi, Kiruna 981 92, Sweden

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    Active Lapland is a collective effort by leading touring agencies in the country. Conceived about 25 years ago, the agency provides daytime tours and overnight excursions, and camping trips to visitor...Read more

  9. #9 of 24 Things To Do in Kiruna
    - Used in 38 itineraries
    Kiruna Church

    Tags: Church, Religious Site, Architecture

    Address: Finngatan 1, 981 31 Kiruna, Sweden

    You will definitely have a great experience visiting the Kiruna Church. The church is an iconic religious structure of Sweden and also the largest wooden building in the country. This magnificent wood...Read more

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