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Knoxville has a variety of tourist attractions- from museums, parks, cafes to cozy city squares, vibrant night haunts and a range of hiking trails and art centers. The beauty of Knoxville however, lies in its downtown area where you can see arrange of popular hang-out spots, pubs, bars and see a part of 19th century merging with its urban life. If you can, do stay at any one of hotels in the downtown area od Knoxville.

The city takes it sports rather seriously and you will often find people spending their weekends at a football, basketball or ice-hockey match. Witness the local frenzy during the spring season and you have seen the highlight of Knoxville.

With so much to see, spending 3 days in the city will help you cover the highlights of Knoxville. If you don’t know what to do in Knoxville (tn), the museums make for a great way to kick-start your stay in the city. The Knoxville museum of art and McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture can be seen in one morning and are the most popular museums in the city.

Catch a live performance in the city’s popular Tennessee theater and Bijoux theater, take a walk around the University of Tennessee and get inspired at the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame.

Visit the Knoxville zoo during day, hike through the many trails of the Smoky Mountains National Park surrounding the city and end the day with a drink at any one of the pubs and bars on Gay street. The street is also known for some of the best DJ nights in the city and if you love pub-hopping, the place is a perfect match!

The breweries and distilleries are a good way to spend lazy afternoons sipping on varieties of beers and a walk through the city’s Botanical garden during early evenings is one of the simple pleasures of the Knoxville.

Shopping at Market Square, West town Mall and the Emporium Center for Arts and Crafts- makes for a great way to leave the city with gifts for loved one’s back home.

Below we have a list of things to do in Knoxville and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Knoxville getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Knoxville with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Knoxville

Here is the list of things to do in Knoxville and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Market Square

    4.7 (301 Votes)
    Market Square


    The Market Square is a pedestrian shopping mall where you can shop for everything from art, clothes, accessories to jewelry. Dating back to the 19th century, today the place offers a rather quaint complex with beautifully lit pathways adorned with street musicians and artists. Many political events have taken place at the square and the place is called ‘the most democratic place on earth&...Read more
  2. Sunsphere

    4.5 (447 Votes)

    Tower, Observation Deck

    The Sun-sphere Tower was built in 1982 for the World Fair which played an important role in balancing the economy of Knoxville. The Sun-sphere’s classic golden design (and its 300 foot height) is hard to miss in the park and a ride to the observation deck offers you a panoramic view of the neighborhood. The tower tops the list of ‘free things to do in Knoxville’. Highlights in...Read more
  3. University Of Tennessee

    4.3 (311 Votes)
    University Of Tennessee

    Educational Site, University

    The University of Tennessee is loved for its fabulous campus with historic buildings that embrace the green lawn and trees. Apart from being one of the iconic universities in USA and enviably famous for its home-grown sports teams, the place is loved by the locals for its stadium matches. If you love football and are in the city during the football season, drop by to watch a spectacular match o...Read more
  4. Breakout Knoxville

    4.8 (136 Votes)
    Breakout Knoxville

    Entertainment, Games

    The Breakout Knoxville is an escape game with multiple rooms that follow interesting themes including kidnappings, island escape, hostage escape and other rather intense themes. If you love mystery and have a detective hidden in yourself, you will love to find a way out of the rooms as you decipher the rather curious clues. The whole experience adds to the drama and is a perfect setting for tea...Read more
  5. East Tennessee History Center

    Museum, History Museum

    The East Tennessee History Center breathes the city’s past into its modern day and you can see everything from pottery, art, textiles, and Civil War items among other historic pieces. The museum is home to over 13,000 items which forms its Permanent collection. Other trending collections include fine-art prices, paintings and historic stories that showcase the art-life and culture of Tenn...Read more
  6. Clarence Brown Theatre

    4.8 (157 Votes)
    Clarence Brown Theatre

    Entertainment, Performance, Theatre

    The Clarence Brown Theatre offers a rare mélange of high quality production, drama and music, mixed with some of the best talent from all over the country. If you are not a theatre-lover, you will be convinced by the enthralling performances and for those who already love theater- seeing a play here is a treat! The theater showcases classics as well as contemporary plays ideal for people...Read more
  7. McClung Museum Of Natural History And Culture

    Museum, History Museum

    McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture explores the history of human culture across the world and its evolution along with other trending exhibits. The permanent collection includes ancient Egyptian relics, ancient artefacts of the native people of Tennessee, ceramics, textiles, rare dinosaur fossils, Tennessee’s war history and other objects from around the world. The museum pays ...Read more
  8. Old City

    Landmark, Neighborhoods

    The Old City is part of the ‘The Bowery’ area and even though called the ‘old city’ is not the oldest part of Knoxville. Throughout its history many renovations and refurbishing have taken place here throughout the late 20th century and today, the whole neighborhood is flooded with urban restaurants, chic cafes, bustling shops and small bars which add color to the histor...Read more
  9. Bijou Theatre

    4.8 (107 Votes)
    Bijou Theatre

    Entertainment, Performance, Theatre, Concert

    The Bijou Theatre was opened in 1909 as a part of the already existing Lamar house (built in 1817) and still stays true to its classic architecture, acoustics and ‘small-theatre, big feel’ ambience. The theatre has special seating which are immersive and is loved especially for music concerts and is an experience in itself as you breathe in the history of the city while seeing its m...Read more
  10. Neyland Stadium

    4.7 (60 Votes)
    Neyland Stadium


    The Neyland Stadium is where the sports pulse of University of Tennessee showcases all its athletic talent- from football, baseball, to running tracks, the stadium has hosted many events over Knoxville’s past and still continues to do so. If you love sports or simply want to cheer for the talent, join the adrenaline rush prominent during the game season in the stadium. Highlights Include:...Read more
  11. House Mountain State Natural Area

    Biking Trail, Bird Watching

    The House Mountain State Park is a hiker’s paradise with enjoy trails and pathways which take your through the state park’s beautiful terrain. The trails take you to the highest point of the Knox county and the view from top is as breath-taking as the hike itself! A must for nature-lovers, the park offers fantastic biking and bird-watching experiences. If you are not much of an acti...Read more
  12. Women's Basketball Hall Of Fame Image


    The Women's Basketball Hall of Fame pays tribute to women’s basketball and all the women who have pushed the game beyond its gender-specific popularity. See old photographs, club rings, historic stories and other iconic items of the game belonging to the women who shaped the game’s pro-feminism status. If you love basketball, history or simply want to see a one-of-a-kind, inspiring ...Read more
  13. Knoxville Convention Center

    Entertainment, Performance, Concert, Convention Center

    The Knoxville Convention Center hosts everything from comic con, Christmas events to regular concerts and live performances and if you are in the city during a trending show, make a point to grab your tickets before they are sold out. A pleasure to see especially during Christmas, the convention center offers the grandest lightings, production and a picturesque landscape of the World’s Fa...Read more
  14. Knoxville Visitors Center

    4.7 (15 Votes)
    Knoxville Visitors Center
    The Knoxville Visitors Center is the perfect way to see the best of Knoxville in a limited amount of time. The visitor center arranges tours, offers entertainment for children and adults alike and also has a kids’ corner where your tiny tots can play around till you check out the free concert held here from Monday to Saturday. Highlights Include: Tours of Knoxville Locally made art and g...Read more
  15. The Casual Pint Of Downtown

    Food And Drinks

    The Casual Pint is flooded with beer-lovers unlike any other place in Knoxville. Try any one or all of their special craft beers which will satisfy your beer bang and you have a rather memorable evening when in the city. The place serves craft beers from all over the world and as you mix and match your favorite 6-pack, you are served with mouth-watering food to complete the meal! A must if you ...Read more

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