Ko Pha Ngan Tourism

A perfect hippie destination, ko pha Ngan is renowned for its Full Moon party that takes every month at Haad Rin Beach. Located in southeast Thailand, the island has much more to offer than the parties for which it is famous for. Translated as “sand bar”, the Phangan Island has some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world, bordered with lush green vegetation and further bejeweled with mountains and waterfalls. An ideal destination for backpackers and independent travelers, this island holds great promise for boat and fishing trips, elephant trekking, diving, ATV rides, zip lines and even kite-boarding as well as other water sports. Strewn with a number of waterfalls, detox and yoga centres, ko pha Ngan today comes to be recognized as a meditation retreat.

Very few people realize that there is a quieter side to ko pha Ngan but the truth is that peace, serenity and good times coexist here in order to form a complete tourist destination where there is something for everyone. The place also holds a lot of spiritual value as it was first inhabited by monks who came here, just 600 years ago, building Wat Phu Khao Noi outside the port of Thongsala. If you wish to get enticed by the island’s unspoilt beauty, then stand at the hillside of this temple from where you can have a look at tropical forest in its most dense form.

With a perfect mélange of Thai culture, parties, scenic beauty and tranquility, ko pha Ngan is one place which should be a part of your trip to Thailand.

Essential travel information and Ko Pha Ngan tips for your visit

  • The weather in ko pha Ngan can be unpredictable and local: On one part of the island you might lie on the beach while on the other side you may have to shelter for a scattered thundershower. 
  • If you like a tan, be aware that the sun can be extremely strong. Even on a cloudy day you can get sunburned easily.
  • Avoid riding at sundown, when the bugs are out en masse, and result in brief periods of riding blind, while you desperately try to clear your corneas.
  • Drunk driving in the West is illegal - in Ko Pha Ngan it's suicidal. Better to sit in the back of a taxi than hitting one head on at night, or end up in hospital. 
  • Drugs are illegal in Thailand, the penalties are severe and don't bank on the assumption you'll be able to buy your way out of the police station. 

The best tours and activities in the city, guided by experts to give you a local insight to the best of Ko Pha Ngan