Events and Festivals in Ko Tao

  • FULL MOON PARTY AT KOH PHANGAN: This festival takes place on every full moon day on the island of Koh PhaNgan to celebrate the birthday of Buddha. During the months of April-May, people gather here from all over the world and dance on music, eat and drink and merrymaking. The purpose of this festival is to break the barriers and inhibitions and listen to one’s soul.
  • SONGKRAN: Songkran or Thailand’s New Year is celebrated with great joy and fervour from 13thto 15th of April every year. It is celebrated from dawn to dawn and water is splashed on each other, signifying the purging off soul from all the bad deeds and sins of past year. People in this festival play water games, dip in the seas, special pools are set up apart from the regular ones and play water gun games and party all through the night.

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