How to Reach Ko Tao

Wondering how to get to Ko- Tao? Check out for these options.


  • By Air: Domestic flights from Bangkok International airport disembark at the Chumphon domestic airport. From here, ferries are available that connect to Koh Tao.
  • By Bus: Buses are available from Suvarnabhumi Airport as well as from the Southern Bus Terminal in Bangkok running till Chumphon Bus Station. Take a ferry from here.
  • By Train: Trains are available from Bangkok railway station to Chumphon and a connecting ferry can be accessed from the railway station.Some ferry services provide car pick and drop from railway station and you can buy a ticket for the ferry from the station itself.
  • By Car/ By Taxi: Cars or private taxis are available on hire from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Chumphon airport as well as from the respective bus terminals reaching till the pier of the ferry service.
  • By Boat: Chumphon is the nearest ferry terminal servicing ferry to Ko-Tao twice in a day.

From other nearby islands - Another nearby island is KoPhaNgan from where one can reach to Ko-Tao in 1 hour by ferry.


  • By Boat: Long tail boats are available to and from Mae Haad Pier,Koh-Tao to most of the islands nearby including SuratThani, KohSamui and KohPhaNgan.
  • By Car/By Taxi: Cars and Private taxis are available in Sairee village as well as in Mae Haad running on the main road stretching from north of Sairee Beach to south of Chalok Ban Kao and also available near all the tourist destinations to move around in Ko-Tao. You can also ask the help desk as all the hotels and resorts provide their taxis and cars on rent.
  • By Motorcycle/Bike: Dirt bikes and mopeds can be used on the main road from Sairee Beach to Chalok Ban Kao which connects all the places and roadways in Ko-Tao. Motorcycles and bikes can be rented from Sairee Beach, Mae Haad and Chalok Ban Kao.

By Walking- Put sturdy shoes, carry a bottle of water and a mosquito repellent and go for a walk to know this small beautiful paradise!

Route Distance Time
Bangkok to Ko Tao 104.64 km 1 hour 44 mins
Singapore to Ko Tao 484.28 km 8 hours 4 mins
Kolkata to Ko Tao 1271.18 km 21 hours 11 mins
Hyderabad to Ko Tao 2369.46 km 39 hours 29 mins
Jaipur to Ko Tao 2644.39 km 44 hours 4 mins
Mumbai to Ko Tao 2987.24 km 49 hours 47 mins
Doha to Ko Tao 5336.5 km 88 hours 56 mins
Hawthorn to Ko Tao 5425.07 km 90 hours 25 mins
Cheltenham to Ko Tao 5429.61 km 90 hours 29 mins