How to Reach Kobe


By Air:

  • Kobe Airport: The airport was built on reclaimed land in the Kobe Harbor and was opened in 2006. Currently it only receives domestic flights. to get from the airport to the city, take the Port Liner to Sannomiya Station. From there you can take a subway ride to Shin Kobe Station for the bullet train.
  • Kansai International Airport: There are two major ways to Get to the airport. First is the by The Kaijo Access Ferry from Kobe Airport, a 29 minute trip. From the city, take the Airport Limousine bus for a 75 minute ride for 2000 yen.
  • OsakaItami Airport: Another commonly used domestic Airport.

By Train:

  • High speedshinkansen trains to the city of Kobe arrived at the Shin Kobe Station.
  • The Hankyu and Hanshin private lines from Osaka reach Sannomiya Station, as do the JR trains Shin-kaisoku (Special Rapid) and Kaisoku (Rapid). All of these take less than 1 hour. 
  • Kyoto is about one hour away from Sannomiya by Shin-kaisoku (Special Rapid), and the Hankyu limited express.

By Bus:

  • Kobe is connected to most other major and minor cities by bus, and the fares are generally quite cheap. The names of the important bus services are Willer Express, JR Bus, Keisei Bus, Hankyu Bus, Hanshin Bus, Keio Bus, and Shinki Bus.

By Ferry:

  • Kobe is a port town. Ferries run to other Japanese islands and also to Shanghai and Okinawa.


From vending machines at stations, get the rechargeable smart card ICOCA which is used on rail, subway and bus networks in the Kansai area of which Kobe is a part.

  • By Train: Kobe is quite well connected by train. You can find Kobe train maps online. The Hankyu, Hanshin and JR lines run from east to west. It is important to note that they have their own stations in Central Sannomiya.  The futsu trains of JR give access to specific areas such as Motomachi, Nada, Rokkomichi and Sumiyoshi.
  • Subway: There are two major Subway Lines. The one running along the coast is known Kaigan, as and the one running to the mountains is known as Yamate-Seishin.
  • Light Rail: Take the Port Liner from Sannomiya to the Port District, and the Rokko Liner from JR Sumiyoshi station to Rokko Island.
  • By Bus: The subway and train coverage of the city is concentrated towards its middle and southern parts. For the Northern areas buses are more convenient. A tourist loop bus line of green color shuttles between the more popular tourist spots. Download the Kobe bus service travel guide from online.