Top Historical Places in Koblenz

Are you looking to explore the history of Koblenz through the ages? There are a number of historical destinations in Koblenz including the time-honored buildings, monuments, palaces, and parks where you can learn about the glorious past of Koblenz. The presence of these historical sites and museums will take you on a walk through Koblenz ‘s rich history.
If you are willing to have an in-depth historical information about Koblenz, we recommend that you take a wonderful guided tour to cover the major historical attractions. Also, check the opening and closing time for each so that you can organize your time. Make sure that you go through the complete list of historical places in Koblenz for a great trip!

Let's witness the history of Koblenz with these top historical places - monuments and landmarks:

  1. Schloss Stolzenfels

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    Schloss Stolzenfels

    Castle, Historical Site, Hill

    This Gothic Revival 19th century palace was completed in 1842, commissioned by Frederick William IV of Prussia. After WWII though, it was returned to the city. Far more beautiful than the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, the palace was used by the King as a summer residence. Its guests included Queen Victoria. Today, the castle remains more or less as the King left it, full of paintings, weapons, armo...Read more
  2. Kurfurstliches Schloss

    Garden, Historical Site, Palace

    You can’t explore this entire stunningly beautiful neo-classical palace. However, the little bits that are open to the public are worth drooling over. Commissioned in the late 18th century, it was used by the emperor Wilhelm I as his official residence during his years as military governor. Today, its many rooms are used by various federal offices. There is a café on the ground flo...Read more
  3. Liebfrauenkirche

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    Church, Religious Site, Historical Site, Architecture

    Koblenz’s oldest church is Romanesque. The first church in this location was from the 5th century, but the building you see today began construction during the 12th. Highlights are: Choir with the altar The baptismal font Tomb of Anna Antonetta Baroness von Kesselstatt Bust of Johann Cramprich 17th century painting of St. Nicholas 14th century wooden Cruxifix
  4. Judischer Friedhof

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    Judischer Friedhof

    Historical Site, Cemetery

    This cemetery was established in 1303, but its history has been contentious. The levy granting it to the Jews has been repealed multiple times through history, but they’ve always gained it back. Today however, the cemetery is a historical monument. It is neatly maintained. Most people come here to see the WWI and WWII Jewish victim monuments. It’s a pretty sombre place.
  5. Rathaus Or Town Hall

    Museum, Walking Area, Historical Site, Entertainment

    The Rathaus is the city town hall. This place is ideal for taking a walk and enjoying the view around. There are a vast number of buildings around. The Great Council Chamber is also located here. The city hall was converted into a gymnasium in the 18th century. The room has been used for receptions, lectures and concerts. This museum depicts local architecture as well. The locality comprises of...Read more
  6. History Column

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    History Column

    Landmark, Monument

    The History Column is situated right in the middle of Gorresplatz and is often referred to as Historiensaeule. It was made in the year 1992 and is nearly 10 metres high and portrays the story of Koblenz in ten 3-dimensional scenes that have been arranged above each other. The monument has a fountain which is in the shape of a Roman wine transport barge of the early times and on top of it stands...Read more
  7. Basilica Of St. Castor

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    Basilica Of St. Castor

    Church, Religious Site, Historical Site, War Memorial

    Koblenz’s oldest church is Romanesque, and has seen many important historical events. It was built in the 9th century, and honors St. Castor, who was apparently a missionary in these parts in the 4th century. Over the centuries, the monastery here became an important meeting point for rulers who had disputes and negotiations to settle. The highlights of the church are: The St. Brigid Mad...Read more
  8. Ehrenbreitstein Fortress

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    Ehrenbreitstein Fortress

    Museum, Landmark, Ancient Ruin, Historical Site

    The fortress looks over the Rhine and Koblenz from a hill. Its fame is due more to its role as an important cultural centre rather than any architectural beauty. Here you’ll find several museums: Haus der Fotografie (photography) Haus der Archaologie (archaeology)– explores Koblenz’s archaeological history. Landesmuseum Koblenz (temporary exhibitions) Haus des Genusses Three ...Read more
  9. Wehrtechnische Studiensammlung

    Military Museum, Historical Site

    This is one of the largest armaments museums in the country and was founded in the 19th century. This museum supplies helpful information to the engineers in the field of armaments. The museum holds a large collection of tanks, helicopters, planes etc. The museum holds a collection of military equipments, ranging from the early 19th till present. This museum is a great place to get acquainted w...Read more
  10. Alte Burg

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    Alte Burg

    Castle, Historical Site, Architecture

    This pretty 13th century castle is a protected cultural monument. Its architecture contains elements of late Gothic, the Renaissance and the Baroque. The best way to view it is to take a guided tour. (it’s in English) Note that the castle lies on a hill, and you have to walk up about 1km to reach it (or you could just take a shuttle bus).
  11. Schangelbrunnen

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    Statue, Square, Fountain

    Koblenz, like Bremen, has its own sculpture with attitude. Instead of child urinating, this bronze sculpture spits jets of water from its mouth. The secret behind this fountains’ story lies in its name. Koblenz was once a part of France, and kids born here at that time were called Franco-Germans who were often called Jean (after the German Johann or Hans). In local dialect, this was devel...Read more
  12. Stadion Oberwerth

    Sport, Arena, Stadium, Entertainment

    Stadion Oberwerth is a stadium used for multiple purposes. At present, it is mostly used for football matches and is the home to TuS Koblen. The stadium has a capacity of holding over 15000 people. The stadium has a seating arrangement for about 4000 people. This old stadium has hosted some of the best events held in this country. The venue offers parking facilities.
  13. Deinhard Kellermuseum

    Bar, Museum, History Museum, Tour

    This museum is home to Deinhardplatz and was founded in the 17th century. Although old, the museum is still accessible. This museum has a location for private functions. The museum also provides Wine Cellar tours and wine testing. A wine shop is also available. The museum displays many original equipments and machinery. The museum provides an excellent tour. One can know about the work of the w...Read more
  14. Historiensaule

    Landmark, Walking Area, Historical Site, Monument

    This is an interesting place that depicts the 2000 years long history of this town. This beautiful monument is located in a great plaza. The columns display the important events that took place in this town many years ago. It is a unique experience to observe the details of the sculpture. This evocative monument gets more and more visitors every year, who also love to visit the surrounding rest...Read more
  15. Jesuitenplatz

    Church, Historical Site, Cafe, Monastery

    This is a historic site popular for its sights. In the 16th century, the Jesuits came to this city. They were given the Cistercians monastery. This monastery was quickly converted and extended. In the early 17th century, Jesuit Church was built on the site of the former Bernard Church. An express-o cafe is also available.