Famous Museums in Koblenz

The museums in Koblenz give the very essence of its citizens and rich culture. If you are looking for something deeper and more meaningful, head to the museums in city. Explore the cultural, artistic, scientific, or historical side of Koblenz with these museums.
We have curated a variety of the best and free museums in city, besides the usual arts or historical ones. Explore and engage yourself with the wonders of science at the museum of science in Koblenz. Get fascinated by the exceptional stories of heroes at war museums or memorials. You can go wow with your kids at the Natural history museums or enjoy some time at children's museums in Koblenz.
Check out this list for an entertaining and enlightening trip to the museums in Koblenz.

Let's explore the finest collection of museums in Koblenz:

  1. DB Museum Koblenz

    4.7 (524 Votes)
    DB Museum Koblenz

    Museum, Specialty Shop, Specialty Museum

    This volunteer-supported railway museum is quite interesting. It sued to be a freight wagon repair shop. Today, based mainly on the concept of electric rail, there are about 40 locomotives and 50 carriages and wagons. A small shop here sells memorabilia and gifts.
  2. Mittelrhein-museum

    4.3 (277 Votes)

    Art Museum, Museum, Photo Gallery, Exhibition

    This is one of Germany’s most prestigious municipal museums of art. The exhibition on the first floor showcases important works from the 19th and the 20th centuries. Most of the paintings are landscape paintings of the Rhine by German and British artists. There is also a significant late medieval religious art collection. Altogether, about 200 years of Rhine’s cultural history is ex...Read more
  3. Rathaus Or Town Hall

    Museum, Walking Area, Historical Site, Entertainment

    The Rathaus is the city town hall. This place is ideal for taking a walk and enjoying the view around. There are a vast number of buildings around. The Great Council Chamber is also located here. The city hall was converted into a gymnasium in the 18th century. The room has been used for receptions, lectures and concerts. This museum depicts local architecture as well. The locality comprises of...Read more
  4. Ehrenbreitstein Fortress

    4.5 (418 Votes)
    Ehrenbreitstein Fortress

    Museum, Landmark, Ancient Ruin, Historical Site

    The fortress looks over the Rhine and Koblenz from a hill. Its fame is due more to its role as an important cultural centre rather than any architectural beauty. Here you’ll find several museums: Haus der Fotografie (photography) Haus der Archaologie (archaeology)– explores Koblenz’s archaeological history. Landesmuseum Koblenz (temporary exhibitions) Haus des Genusses Three ...Read more
  5. Deutschherrenhaus

    4.3 (355 Votes)

    Bar, Art Museum, Museum, Arts And Crafts

    The Ludwig Museum in the German Mansion is an art museum established in 1992. It focuses mainly on 10th century French art. It has one of the largest collections of Picasso’s in the world, as well as works by Warhal and Matisse. A major eye-catcher is an outdoor sculpture – the Thumb of Cesar. The building and its grounds are kind of pretty too, and it’s a nice place for a str...Read more
  6. Wehrtechnische Studiensammlung

    4.7 (374 Votes)
    Wehrtechnische Studiensammlung

    Military Museum, Historical Site

    This is one of the largest armaments museums in the country and was founded in the 19th century. This museum supplies helpful information to the engineers in the field of armaments. The museum holds a large collection of tanks, helicopters, planes etc. The museum holds a collection of military equipments, ranging from the early 19th till present. This museum is a great place to get acquainted w...Read more
  7. Rhein-Museum Koblenz

    4.3 (233 Votes)
    Rhein-Museum Koblenz

    Library, Museum, Educational Site, Exhibition

    Rather than take a chronological approach to telling the history of the Rhine River, this museum picks out specific chapters in the river’s story and builds the exhibition around them. Each exhibit has the feeling of a fable. The museum covers subjects such as evolution; industries such as mills, shipping and fishing; and navigation, through models of ships and an actual steam engine. The...Read more
  8. Herz-Jesu-Kirche

    4.4 (468 Votes)

    Art Museum, Church, Religious Site, Architecture

    This neo-Romanesque Catholic Church was completed in 1903. It was commissioned to help accommodate Koblenz’s fast growing population. It’s big, spacious, and good-looking. The interior of the church was redesigned after the bombing it took in WWII. There’s an art museum at the back of the church. Take a walk in the garden outside. 
  9. Theater Koblenz

    Theater Koblenz

    Museum, Entertainment, Theatre

    This is a theater that was built on the initiative of Clemens Wenzeslaus von Hofrat F. The museum offers a majestic entrance. The theater is big and very spacious.
  10. Deinhard Kellermuseum

    Deinhard Kellermuseum

    Bar, Museum, History Museum, Tour

    This museum is home to Deinhardplatz and was founded in the 17th century. Although old, the museum is still accessible. This museum has a location for private functions. The museum also provides Wine Cellar tours and wine testing. A wine shop is also available. The museum displays many original equipments and machinery. The museum provides an excellent tour. One can know about the work of the w...Read more
  11. Fort Großfürst Konstantin

    Fort Großfürst Konstantin

    Museum, Historical Site, Entertainment, Performance

    The Fort Grossfurst Konstantin or The Fort Grand Duke Constantine was built in the 18th century. Until the 19th century, homeless families inhabited the fort. Later, the fort was made accessible and the buildings were secured. The fort was named after brother of Tsar Alexander I. This place also hosts events and offers a warm welcome with friendly and helpful hosts. The Carnival Museum is also ...Read more