Events and Festivals in Kochi

  • Cochin Carnival (December): This is the most awaited festival in Kochi. The city is decorated and there are a plethora of events, activities and performances that attract tourists from even the remotest corners of the earth.
  • Indira Gandhi Boat Race (December): The festival is a major water sport event where boat races are held in the backwaters of Kochi. The festival is a colourful and joyous event celebrated by locals and tourists alike.
  • Malayatoor Perunal (March/April): Organised by the famous Catholic Church at Malayatoor the festival is held on the Sunday after Easter and is celebrated by the Christians in the state.
  • Thalapoli (February):  Held in the Malayalam month of Makara Masam (around February), the festival boasts extravagant celebrations and prayers to the gods. The festival gives us an insight into the rich culture of the city.
  • Onam (August/ September): Onam is the annual harvest festival and the most famous festival in Kerala. The festival is celebrated in an extravagant style boasting a parade of caparisoned elephants, fireworks, the famous Kathakali dance, cultural events, sport events and carnivals.
  • Utsavam: Utsavam is a yearlong cultural festival organised by the Kerala Tourism. The festival comprises of several traditional art forms of Kerala like dance, music and other dance-based performances.

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