How to Reach Kochi

The Easiest Way to Reach Kochi


  • By Air: Kochi is well connected to the rest of Kerala and other states too. Visitors to Kochi can fly to the Kochi International Airport which is connected to the other major airports in India and to international airports too.  You can hop on the flights to Cochin from all the major Indian cities like Mumbai.
  • By train: The rail network is also well managed with Kochi being connected to the rest of India by express trains which travel from the south to the north and vice versa.
  • By Car: Kochi has a vast network of roads, both, national and regional highways which connect this city to the rest of India.


  • The natural port and the serene backwaters play a big role in transport and cargo delivery from Kochi to other countries as well as locally.
  • According to Kochi travel guide, State transport buses and auto-rickshaws or even private cabs are convenient when traveling around Kochi.

Modes of Transportation in Kochi

Know about the preferred mode of transport, average time spent and average distance traveled for commute in Kochi. The most preferred mode of transport in Kochi is Walking.

Average distance: 15.75 km Average time: 42.25 min

  • Walking 25%
    Walking 27.5 min Bike 7.5 min Train 5 min Waiting 2.5 min Other 1 min Overall average time for 6 kms 43.5 min
  • Motorbike 12.5%
    Motorbike 10 min Overall average time for 10 kms 10 min
  • Car 12.5%
    Driving 45 min Walking 1 min Overall average time for 15 kms 46 min
  • Bike 25%
    Bike 27.5 min Overall average time for 12 kms 27.5 min
  • Bus/Trolleybus 12.5%
    Bus 20 min Waiting 10 min Walking 3 min Overall average time for 15 kms 33 min
  • Train/Metro 12.5%
    Train 72 min Waiting 20 min Walking 15 min Overall average time for 50 kms 107 min
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