Best Places to Eat and Drink in Kochi

When you plan a visit to Kochi, eat and drink as the locals do. To get the taste of the city rolling on your tongue, you must head towards the best places to eat and drink in Kochi. While a few places may lead you to small eateries offering mouth-watering food, others would take you to high-end restaurants in Kochi serving sumptuous meals. From cafes serving hearty breakfasts to delis serving a variety of cuisines, this extensive list of best restaurants in Kochi itself will take you on a gastronomical journey. After exploring all the best things in Kochi, treat your taste buds at any of these places.

Let's discover the best spots for foods, drinks and nightlife in Kochi:

  1. Jew Town

    Food And Drinks, Market, Neighborhoods , Old Town

    Jew Town is famous for the antique shops all along its sides. The Jew Town is a narrow street between Mattancherry Palace and the Synagogue. This is a wonderful place to hang out. It’s clean and safe. It’s full of shops where you can browse through some exotic knick knacks and shop for some genuine antiques. Scores of small firms huddle together in old, dilapidated buildings and the...Read more
  2. Marine Drive Ground

    Walking Area, Cafe, Restaurant, Shopping Center

    Starting from the High Court Junction and going on until Rajendra Maidan, this pretty promenade is Kochi's favourite hangout for many reasons. For one, it faces westwards, towards Ernakulam's famed backwaters. Three picturesque bridges span the waters. There are shopping malls, cinemas, cafes and restaurants along its side. It's a lovely place for both sunrises and sunsets. A gentle breeze is a...Read more
  3. Princess Street

    Walking Area, Cafe, Restaurant, Streets

    The houses and buildings on either side of this street, one of the oldest in Kochi, display a curious mix of British, Dutch, Portuguese and French styles of architecture. They are all pastel colors, with potted flowers weighing down balconies and windowsills. Restaurants, cafes, little boutiques and other vendors make the street one of the best places to shop in the city. It is a lively and cha...Read more
  4. Cgh Earth - David Hall

    4.4 (1573 Votes)
    Cgh Earth - David Hall

    Art And Culture, Art Gallery, Cafe, Workshop

    It's thought this beautiful bungalow was made from the remains of demolished churches sometime between 1670 and 1690, after the Dutch razed Portuguese constructs. These days it serves as a gallery of contemporary art aimed at promoting culture and empowering local artists. The gallery also hosts exhibitions, workshops and other events focuses on other forms of art such as calligraphy or tribal ...Read more
  5. The Renai Cochin

    4.2 (45 Votes)
    The Renai Cochin


    The Renai Cochin is one of the best luxury hotels in Kochi that offers world class service and comfort to its guests. This is a landmark hotel that offers a boutique style stay experience along with personalized attention. Its wining and dining culture is also of best quality and delight to the guests. From local delicacies to the choicest cuisines from around the world, its restaurants serve a...Read more
  6. The Shri Krishna Cafe

    3.9 (78 Votes)
    The Shri Krishna Cafe

    Food And Drinks, Restaurant

    Looking for a vegetarian restaurant when in Kochi? If yes, then the Shri Krishna Cafe in Kochi is a must-visit place for you. Promising to treat you to a traditional family dining experience, The Shri Krishna Cafe caters to people craving tasty vegetarian food at reasonable prices. Speedy service and hygienic food ensure that nobody who visits this restaurant goes back hungry or disappointed!
  7. Glow & Cocktails

    Bar, Food And Drinks, Adults

    Glow & Cocktails is a bar in Kochi. Serving a huge collection of cocktails, mocktails, beers and hard drinks, this bar is great for you to unwind with your travel companions. The warm ambiance, the friendly staff and the groovy music add to the attractiveness quotient of this bar. You can relax and have a good time with your buddies upon visiting this bar. Though not one of the most popular...Read more
  8. Fort House Restaurant

    Food And Drinks, Restaurant

    What makes Fort House Restaurant a spectacular place is the remarkable location at which it is situated. Being a waterfront restaurant, this place offers panoramic views. You just cannot find any flaw in the ambience, service, food, drinks, and cleanliness. Prepared using fresh ingredients, all the dishes offered at this place are mouth-watering. You got to try the typical Keralite cuisine when...Read more
  9. Oceanos Restaurant

    4.2 (156 Votes)
    Oceanos Restaurant

    Food And Drinks, Restaurant

    One of the coziest restaurants in the Elphinstone Road area, Oceanos Restaurant is a popular dinner place in Fort Kochi. The friendly and accommodating staff make dining here a memorable experience. The exquisite food and the ornate interiors make this restaurant a favorite one among foodies. Though the menu caters to a niche audience, the wonderful flavors make up for the relatively less numbe...Read more