Events and Festivals in Kollam

  • Crafts Festival (December - January): the crafts festival is celebrated every year and offers the best craftworks in the whole destination. So indulge in the local arts and craft and witness Kollam in a new way. 
  • Kollam Pooram (April): The Kollam Pooram festival is celebrated every year for the god Vishnu and takes place in Ashram temple. A ten day festival, it features procession and fireworks. 
  • Ashtami Rohini (August - September): Ashtami Rohini is a five day festival in the region and is coupled with fireworks and decorations. 
  • Oachirakali (June): Oachirakali is a mock sword fight festival and is one of the most important festivals in the region.
  • Kottamkulangara Temple festival: Kottamkulangara Temple festival is an unusual festival where the men in the family dress up like women and carry torches. 

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