How to Reach Konstanz


  • By Air: Zurich Airport (Switzerland), Friedrichshafen Airport (Germany), Stuttgart Airport (Germany) and EuroAirport (Basel, Switzerland) serve flights for those wishing to visit Konstanz. You’ll have to the city from these by car, tram, train or bus.
  • By Train: Konstanz Hauptbahnhof (the Konstanz Train Station) serves both German and Swiss Trains. It’s in the old town. Trains go to Zurich, other stops around Lake Constance, Bregenz and Karlsruhe. Most other destinations will require a changeover.
  • By Boat: It’s usually quicker to visit the cities around Lake Constance by boat rather than by train.
  • By Car: The B33, from Germany and the A7, N1/N7 from Switzerland lead into Konstanz.
  • By Bus: The main bus lot is at the corner of Döbelestraße/Grenzbachstraße. From here, various bus companies ply out to many German cities.


  • By Bus: The bus system is timely, intelligent, and cheap.
  • By Cycle: The city is very cycling friendly. The cycles may be rented from near the main train station quite cheaply.
  • By Taxi: Taxis are usually available near the train station and other major stoppage points.
  • By Foot: There is no better way to see the old town than on foot.