How to Reach Konya


  • By Air: There are regular flights to Konya from Istanbul. Also, in the peak tourist season which is summer, there are flights to Konya from major European countries like Netherlands, Germany, Norway and Denmark. There are shuttle buses from the airports to the city centre.
  • By Bus: Konya is well-connected to wide range of destinations by bus. There are frequent buses to and from major cities like Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara.
  • By Train: You can also reach Konya by trains that run from Istanbul and Ankara. The train tracks are under construction and there might be some cancellations, although there is always a replacement bus provided to the tourists. Konya travel guide suggests preferring buses over trains to avoid delay and inconvenience in the journey.
  • By Car: You can get to Konya by car from Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya. The journey from Istanbul to Konya is the shortest with a 3-hour drive.


  • By Tram: Konya has a tram service that can take you to the old city, the Selcuk University and few other points of interest. It has close to 25 stops and is quite comfortable to travel.
  • By Dolmus: Like every Turkish city, this is the cheapest and the most practical way to get around Konya. A Dolmus is a shared mini-bus and are easily found in the entire city.
  • By Taxi: You can also hire a taxi to get around the city.
  • On Foot: Most of the attractions in Konya are located right in the city centre and hence can be explored on-foot.

Know about the preferred mode of transport, average time spent and average distance traveled for commute in Konya. The most preferred mode of transport in Konya is Bike.

Average distance: 14.33 km Average time: 69 min

  • Bike 33.33%
    Bike 45 min Overall average time for 15 kms 45 min
  • Car 33.33%
    Driving 25 min Overall average time for 17 kms 25 min
  • Walking 33.33%
    Walking 124 min Driving 13 min Overall average time for 11 kms 137 min
Route Distance Time
Aksaray to Konya 178.77 km 2 hours 58 mins
Ankara to Konya 196.43 km 3 hours 16 mins
Antalya to Konya 218.52 km 3 hours 38 mins
Nigde to Konya 244.12 km 4 hours 4 mins
Göreme to Konya 270.6 km 4 hours 30 mins
Kumluca to Konya 282.96 km 4 hours 42 mins
Adana to Konya 326.5 km 5 hours 26 mins
Kayseri to Konya 342.2 km 5 hours 42 mins
Bağlık mahallesi to Konya 342.54 km 5 hours 42 mins
Ereğli to Konya 342.86 km 5 hours 42 mins
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