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The Best Things To Do In Koprivshtitsa

Koprivshtitsa is a town in the Sofia Province of Bulgaria that is of enormous historical significance and still has all the charms of a typical Bulgarian town. All the characteristics of the town are reminders of the 19th century Bulgarian National Revival phase. There are literally countless things to do in Koprivshtitsa, but some of the most popular ones are taking a tour of the 383 historical monuments, taking a tour of history by viewing collections of old weapons, embroideries, Bulgarian costumes and jewelries and the artwork and exploring the breathtaking beauty of the Bulgarian countryside. Some of the must visit places in Koprivshtitsa are Dimcho Debelyanov House, Lyuben Karavelov Museum, Lyutov House Museum and the Georgi Benkovski House Museum. Attending the National Festival of Bulgarian Folklore that is hosted every 5 years is a important thing to do in Koprivshtitsa. This particular festival has artists, performers, craftsmen and attendees pouring in thousand from all over the world.

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