Best Things To Do in Kovalam, India

Are you looking for what to do in Kovalam?

Places to visit in Kovalam


  • Kovalam beach
  • Hawa/Eve’s Beach
  • Lighthouse Beach and the lighthouse:
  • Samudra Beach

Attractions in Kovalam:

  • The lighthouse
  • Vizhinjam marine aquarium
  • Edakallu or Rocky outcrop
  • Vizhinjam rock-cut temple
  • Kovalam Art gallery

Below we have a list of things to do in Kovalam and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Kovalam getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Kovalam with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Kovalam

Here is the list of things to do in Kovalam and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Vizhinjam Lighthouse And Beach

    Beach, Light House, Restaurant, Water Sport

    This remarkably huge beach is all special significance because of the 35 meter high lighthouse on the Kurumkal hill. Visitors can climb the spiraling staircase inside to the top of the red and white tower and enjoy a spectacular view of the surroundings. The beach has a number of resorts and restaurants ideal for staying. The beach also has adventure sports like surfing and motor boat riding.&...Read more
  2. Kovalam Beach

    4.1 (6655 Votes)
    Kovalam Beach

    Outdoors, Beach, Leisure, Water Sport

    Bordered with coconut trees and gentle breeze swaying around as you take a stroll on the Kovalam beach is a reason good enough to be here. With hypnotizing waters safe enough for a great swim or a quick dip, the lip-smacking food available at the number of restaurants on the beach, and matchless Sunset and Sunrise view, Kovalam beach is what you are looking out for in a beach destination. Ther...Read more
  3. Hawa Or Eve's Beach

    4.4 (4669 Votes)
    Hawa Or Eve's Beach

    Outdoors, Beach, Light House, View Point

    Beautiful sandy shores, roaring sea and locals chanting and singing in brilliant acoustics, need a better reason to spend your time on Hawa beach! This beach is also known as Eve’s beach and is just opposite to the lighthouse beach. Hawa beach is separated from other beaches by the foreland of Edakkalu. From here, you can get the majestic view of sunset at its apex grace. After the sun s...Read more
  4. Samudra Beach

    Beach, Water Body, Water Sport

    Lying to the north of the Ashok Beach, the Samudra Beach at Kovalam in Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala, can be accessed only by taking a detour past Kovalam Junction. It is an awesome sight to watch the waves crashing on the rocks below as you walk along the stretch of sea wall here. The water is safe to swim and you can enjoy shopping from the line of shops. And the best part of this be...Read more
  5. Neyyar Dam

    4.3 (843 Votes)
    Neyyar Dam

    Outdoors, Waterfront, Architecture , Nature

    The Neyyar Dam is built on the Neyyar river and has a Wild life sanctuary, Lion Safari Park, Deer Park, Crocodile Rehabilitation and Research center and offers activities like Elephant riding and Boating. The Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwanthari Ashram located here, is the highlight for Yoga lovers. The place is loved for its pristine clean environment and electric greens that embrace the gorge...Read more
  6. Vellayani Lake

    4.5 (2125 Votes)
    Vellayani Lake

    Lake, Boating

    Located seven kilometres away from Kovalam, Vellayani lake is also known as Kochu Kovalam which means little Kovalam. A must-visit for people planning a vacation to Kovalam, Vellayani Lake in Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala is a freshwater lake. Absolutely stunning in the moonlight, the best time to visit the lake is during the Onam festival when the annual boating race is held. The Vella...Read more
  7. Kovalam Fish Market


    Kovalam’s wide of range of seafood delicacies is seen in its raw form at the city’s fresh fish market. The small city is located close to the Arabian sea and this is where fishing is seen at its best! From fishes to lobsters, crabs and prawns- you can take your pick at the place and if you can cook and love seafood, you will love the fresh catches. The nearby Kovalam beach is a popu...Read more
  8. Karamana River

    4.1 (578 Votes)
    Karamana River

    Water Body, River, Water Sport, Boating

    The Karamana River is the blood line of the city and is even mentioned in ancient scripts and has been the inspiration for many works of literature and music. The scenic river with its many activities like boating to explore the backwaters, riding elephants or taking a boat ride to Poovar to grab a bite at the floating restaurant, is something you simply should not miss. You can truly see the n...Read more
  9. Thiruvallam Parshuram Temple

    4.6 (1714 Votes)
    Thiruvallam Parshuram Temple

    Religious Site, Temple

    One of the major shrines in south India, this temple dates back to 2000 years ago. Dedicated to Parusharama, it is also known as Sri Parasurama Swami Temple. The temple is protected by the Archeaology department of Kerala. Devotees can take a holy dip in the water to make offerings to the departed souls.
  10. Kovalam Art Gallery Image

    Art And Culture, Art Gallery, Exhibition

    Kovalam Art gallery showcases art works from all over the country. From paintings, to intricately made artefacts- the gallery is perfect to see what is trending in the art world on this side of the globe. The art gallery showcases exhibitions from local as well as International artists, giving the visitors a world-art ambience. If you love art and want to see some fabulous, inspiring, one of a ...Read more
  11. Edakallu Or Rocky Outcrop

    Beach, View Point

    This is where the lighthouse beach and the Hawa beach meet. The rocks are brilliant and standing on them gives you a splendid view of both the beaches. This is an ideal place for watching the Sunset. Shutterbugs will have a treat visiting this place.
  12. Rock Cut Cave Temple

    Religious Site, Temple, Historical Site, Architecture

    Another attraction at Vizhinjam is the rock-cut temple of 18th century. You will be amazed by the brilliant sculptures which showcases the skill of the workers who were behind this great work. The deity here is Vinadhara Dakshinamurthi. On the outer wall you will see a semi carved curious statue of Lord Siva and his spouse, goddess Parvati. Towards the other end, there is the Vizhinjam mosque i...Read more
  13. Aruvikkara Dam

    Water Body, Waterfront, View Point, Picnic Spot

    Aruvikkara Dam is located 15 kilometers away from Trivandrum and is a popular tourist spot with scenic views. The Dam is perfect to have a day trip at, while the nearby Bhagavathi temple dedicated to the Goddess Durga who embodies femininity and strength, is loved for its tranquil environment. The small village of Aruvikkara is loved for its small-world charm, rustic environment and its affinit...Read more
  14. Cape Comorin

    Temple, Waterfront, View Point, Memorial

    The small coastal town of Kanyakumari known as ‘Cape Comorin’ during the British Rule, is loved for its many spiritual attractions and for its serene and breath-taking views of the Indian Ocean. The Triveni sangam (where the three oceans – Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal come together to share their waters), the tranquil Gandhi Memorial, the famous Vivekananda memo...Read more
  15. Napier Museum

    Art And Culture, Art Museum

    Home to inspirational paintings, artwork and artifacts, the Kovalam Art Gallery is a favourite tourist haunt. Much appreciated, especially by international visitors and artists, the Kovalam Art Gallery is a great place to spend some quality time. Its collection includes bronze idols, ivory carvings, ancient ornaments and a temple chariot. The best part of the museum is its architectural design ...Read more