How to Reach Krasnodar


  • By Air: Krasnodar International Airport is connected to European cities and countries like Istanbul though regular air planes commuting to and fro.
  • By Train: Krasnodar-1 and 2 are junction railway stations of North Caucasus Railway, located in Krasnodar, the administrative center of Krasnodar Krai. It is the main railway terminal of the city. From Krasnodar railway station there are trains to all Russian regions and also to Belarus, Ukraine and Abkhazia.
  • By Car: The city is well connected to all destinations in the region: Rostov-on-Don (5 hours and 30 minutes), Sochi (8 hours), Stavropol (6 hours) and Mineralnye Vody (8 hours).


  • By Tram: Krasnodar has an extensive system of network that covers almost all the parts of the city. It is convenient and lets you have a glance at the streets, corners and most of the attractions in Krasnodar.
  • By Trolleybuses and city buses: Travelling by city buses or trolleybuses is the most popular and cheapest way to travel around the city.
  • By “marshrutkas”: Marshrutkas are private share taxis, widely used in Russia. They will stop for you between their usual stops if you hail them.

Know about the preferred mode of transport, average time spent and average distance traveled for commute in Krasnodar. The most preferred mode of transport in Krasnodar is Walking.

Average distance: 9.23 km Average time: 57.92 min

  • Walking 33.33%
    Walking 50 min Tram 8.75 min Waiting 2.5 min Overall average time for 4.75 kms 61.25 min
  • Tram/Streetcar 25%
    Tram 50 min Walking 13.33 min Waiting 10 min Overall average time for 11.27 kms 73.33 min
  • Car 25%
    Driving 46.67 min Walking 1.67 min Overall average time for 14 kms 48.33 min
  • Bus/Trolleybus 16.67%
    Bus 35 min Walking 5 min Waiting 2.5 min Overall average time for 8 kms 42.5 min
Route Distance Time
Staroshcherbinovskaya to Krasnodar 141.79 km 2 hours 21 mins
Rostov-on-don to Krasnodar 204.5 km 3 hours 24 mins
Moscow to Krasnodar 946.32 km 15 hours 46 mins
Nicosia to Krasnodar 1082.71 km 18 hours 2 mins
Istanbul to Krasnodar 1173.15 km 19 hours 33 mins
Dietraching to Krasnodar 2852.84 km 47 hours 32 mins
Turin to Krasnodar 3478.51 km 57 hours 58 mins
Amsterdam to Krasnodar 3860.11 km 64 hours 20 mins
Lahore to Krasnodar 3992.55 km 66 hours 32 mins
Durban to Krasnodar 6683.85 km 111 hours 23 mins
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