How to Reach Kruger National Park


  • By Air: There are no direct flights to Kruger. Nearest airport Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport (KMIA) is at Nelspruit. From the airport, hire a cab to reach to the Park. Other two airports Eastgate Airport and Phalaborwa Airport are well connected to Johannesburg airport. From Johannesburg, take a flight till KMIA. 
  • By Car: The best way to reach Kruger is to drive from Nelspruit. Head onto N4 and pick which gate would be from where you would like to enter the Park Malelane, Numbi and Kruger Gate. The gates are closed after dark and you will not be allowed entry into the Park.


  • By Car: The best way to get around is in a car, whether private or rental. Maximum speed limit is 50 km/h crossing the limit will attract a heavy fine and so will driving after dark.
  • By Walk: You can also book walking tours well in advance. Chances of spotting wildlife are quite rare on such tours.
Route Distance Time
Pretoria to Kruger National Park 408.64 km 6 hours 48 mins
Johannesburg to Kruger National Park 441.87 km 7 hours 21 mins
Vanderbijlpark to Kruger National Park 482.33 km 8 hours 2 mins
Durban to Kruger National Park 495.97 km 8 hours 15 mins
Harare to Kruger National Park 654.12 km 10 hours 54 mins
Cape town to Kruger National Park 1749.12 km 29 hours 9 mins
Santiago de baney to Kruger National Park 3877.59 km 64 hours 37 mins
Bangalore to Kruger National Park 5420.09 km 90 hours 20 mins
Rome to Kruger National Park 7074.4 km 117 hours 54 mins
Villa verucchio to Kruger National Park 7278.25 km 121 hours 18 mins