Events and Festivals in Kullu

Though Kullu Manali celebrates all Hindu festivals, the festival of Dussehra in October is the most important festival here. The seven day festival is held with great pomp and fanfare in the entire valley. The royal family of Kullu Manali leads the festivities with rituals and cultural events which are elaborate and colorful. Each day is specific to certain rituals and events which involve the gods and goddesses that are enshrined in the region.

Birshu, Pipal Jatra and Shahri Jatra are rural fairs which are celebrated in all villages in the Kullu valley.

Kullu Manali is an exotic destination and the call of the mighty Himalayan mountains, snow covered peaks, the gushing Beas River, the rawness of its surroundings have a magnetic influence on all who come here, drawing new visitors here and beckoning them to come back time and again to experience its magic.

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