Best Time To Visit Kumbakonam

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Best Time To Go To Kumbakonam

Wondering when would be the best time to visit Kumbakonam? The weather is divided into 3 climates. They are:

Summers: Summers begin April onwards and the temperatures are high till July beginning.  The temperatures range between 26° Celsius to 37° Celsius. If you can tolerate some heat and humidity, this is probably one of the best seasons to visit Kumbakonam.

Monsoons: Monsoons intermingle with summers and by July, the city starts facing rainfalls with November having the highest precipitation. The temperatures range between 23° Celsius to 36° Celsius.

Winters: The weather starts getting cold November onwards and the winter season lasts from December to March. The temperatures range between 21° Celsius to 32° Celsius. An off season, winters have a charm of their own nonetheless.

    We will be updating things to do in Kumbakonam soon.