How to Reach Kunming


  • By Air: Located about 25km northeast of the city, Kunming Changshui International Airport operates flights from international destinations like Hong Kong, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. It is also connected to various regional cities through domestic services. You can take a taxi, express bus or a metro line in order to reach the city.
  • By Train: The train station in the south serves several Chinese cities like Nanning, Guilin, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, and Xi'an. Overnight sleeper trains connect the city to Xiaguan and Lijiang.
  • By Bus: Four bus stations located at the edge of four directions of the city serves runs long distance buses to various cities as well as international destinations like Laos and Vietnam. The old bus station near the train station no longer has long distance services. Beware of the fake charges by some services as the bus fares are generally inclusive of luggage and fuel fee.
  • By Car: Kunming can be accessed through several road ways like G78 and G8511.


  • By Bicycles: You can rent bicycles at a few hostels for cheap.  
  • By Bus: City buses are fairly convenient with the ticket pricing of ¥1 and ¥2 for air conditioned buses. It is also possible to get a pass in case you want to commute frequently by this service.
  • By Subway: If you want to travel by the metro for a hassle free commuting, you also have subways around the city which has tunnels with only stairs.
  • By Taxi: Taxi services are available beginning but the Kunming travel guide insists on travelling by meter fare. Avoid flat fee because they might charge you high. The fare of taxis also differs based on their sizes.