Kuta Tourism

Kuta’s warmth is seen in its every asset- untouched, raw beaches, spiritual hideaways and its angelic coastline which is ‘love at first sight’ for surfers, divers, swimmers and sun-soakers.

The small village is located on the south of Bali’s map which gives it its romantic ‘sunset and sunrise’ beaches and a brilliant view of the Bali Sea to the west and the Benoa waters to the east. The weather is Kuta’s highlight and you can be sure to touch sunny sands most of the time when you visit.

Kuta takes pride in its culture and nature and you will find a loving melange of religions, history, art and nature like no other place in Indonesia. Inspite of a streak of wild-side, Kuta is simple in many aspects- good food and plenty of ultra-chic malls and holistic spas. And while the coastline beckons everyone during the day, the nightlife is not without its own charm.

Kuta is one of the prime tourist getaways and whether you want to experience its mystique or simply want to have your own ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ moment, the small village will leave you enchanted for sure!

Today, the city in Bali magically transforms into what you want it to be, be it a minimalistic, wholesome, raw side of Indonesiaor a luxurious holiday! And this very charm is why you can scoop out more secrets of Kuta every time you visit! When here, be prepared to take in its ‘small –world’ charm with its parallel urban universe!

Essential travel information and Kuta tips for your visit

Time Zone- UTC + 8 hours

Currency- IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)

Electricity and Internet:

  • Standard Voltage in Indonesia is 230 V, Frequency is50 Hz and the Power socket used is type C / F.
  • Bali is known for its frequent power cuts but most hotels do have enough backup.

Internet: Most of the hotels in Kuta provide internet service although high speed internet is pretty debatable on this side of the globe.

Languages- Balinese, Bahasa Indonesian. English is Bali’s third language after Indonesian and Balinese.


  • Main Emergency: 112 (like 911)
  • Ambulance: 118
  • Search & Rescue: 111, 115, 151
  • Police: 110
  • Fire Department: 113

If you have a mobile with Local SIM dial 0361 (South Bali) first.If you have International SIM dial +62 361 first or you can call from landline by directly dialing the emergency number.

Off-beaten Path: Try the local delicacy ‘Bakso’ soup as you come across small stalls parked around streets and beaches.

Do see a cock fight when in Bali and see the local orchestra ‘Gamelan’ perform accompanied with the Barong dancers.

Tipping- Most of the restaurants add a service tax to the bill and therefore no extra tipping is customary. However, you can tip house-keeping and staff boys at your hotel if you want to.

Tourist Traps:

  • Be alert as to where you drink Arak. There are incidents where a few vendors have mixed methanol in Arak which makes it cheaper and can cause some serious health issues.
  • Keep an eye out for commissioned drivers if you plan on hiring someone to drive you around Kuta. They are commissioned to take you to specific restaurants and hotels only.
  • If you are travelling long distances by Taxi, stick to Bluebird and Bali Taksi and always pay only meter charges.
  • Exchange currency only at authorized exchange centers.
  • Brush up your bargaining skills to get a good deal at local markets.
  • Be aware of ‘Free tours’ which end with the guide asking for donations.


  • When visiting Temples, everyone should cover their legs and shoulders and dress modestly and do wear a sash around the waist. Menstruating women are asked to not enter the temple.
  • When visiting Mosques, do make sure you are properly covered and avoid shorts. Cover bare shoulders, arms and head and make sure you do not disturb fellow visitors.
  • Do know that Public nudity in Bali is not allowed.
  • When entering in a house in Kuta, do remove your shoes outside and don’t forget to carry a small gift when invited to anyone’s home.
  • Handshaking is common to greet but make sure you are not pointing at people with your fingers (use your thumb instead)
  • Public display of affection between men and women is objectionable.

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